Motor vehicle accident damage claim enforcement
- defence against inflated or unreasonable claims
- Motor Insurance disputes - claim declines

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Recovery material damage in a car accident

Car accident damage claim enforcement

Rebutting unfair settlement offers

Insurance claim declines or dismissal

Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims

Support pursuit in any MVA matters, in South Africa

Road Accident Management & Legal Action

We are car accident damage compensation recovery specialists

as well as experts to defend against unreasonable or inflated claims.

                                                             RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa

You do have an issue with any kind of Car Accident claims, disputes, rejected claims or the need of enforcing your traffic accident compensation, in South Africa?

RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa

RAMLA is a specialised legal Expert in regard to Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

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      car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

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Motor car road traffic accident damage recovery, is what our subject is all about.

Below please find some issues and occurrences of common interest, listed and linked.

Car accident issues that matters most:

      facilitating a claim

claim against the liable party causing the car accident   enforcing full and fair compensation . . .
     insured driver/owner

     not insured motorist

     3rd party claim

     reluctant party

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

   value of damages

   Calculation of damages

   Quote or assessing

   severe damage -
      write off - total loss,
      scrap, salvage

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

   Insurance claim evaluation, decline, dispute


   3rd party claim

   comprehensive claim

      violation of terms (t&c)

      in regard to investigations

   declined claim

   insuficient settelement


   Precedent / case law

   Defend Recovery Action


Should you do not find the issue you are looking for, contact RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action), as one of the most experienced experts in matters of car accident damage recovery claims.

We however believe the issue in question will be found on one of the other pages on the

RAMLA comprehensive MVA - motor vehicle accident - Information Platform,

but as we haven't installed a search function, rather contact RAMLA, instead of waste time for a search.

There are sections in the main top selector, such as claim, assessment, legal and insurance matters; you may navigate to find what you're looking for.

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Car accident damages as result of a traffic collision, always gives task and commonly hassles, unless one do have a compressive motor insurance cover that lives up to the promises made.

But unfortunately, that's not always the matter and if ordinary South African motorists are asked, if they believe and trust a valid claim is a guaranteed matter, one will hear a number, if not the majority of those questioned, doubting that it will be so.

car accident in South Africa   Your specialised expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

         Issues with South African Motor Insurance companies

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Should a matter be taken to a court of law?

Most commonly the overwhelming number of disputes or claims can be solved in pre-litigation, but if no amicable solution can be found, matters sometimes need the escalation to a court of law to be solved.

It should be noted, that most of the deciders of claims, (insurance claim admins, claim evaluators or technicians, however called and other representatives, regularly do have no certified legal competences.

This means the decisions made to either accept or deny a claim are performed by persons with experience, but often not applying a legal background, taking all facts in consideration, but all too often rely on party statements, without a check on the balance of probabilities if that point of view may represent the correct situation, or act biased as to benefit schemes or other incentives, declining claims to cut down on compensation pay-outs.

Approaching a court of law give the certainty to have the case evaluated to the laws prevailing in accordance with the particular applicable situation, and after analysing the parties written arguments exchanged in the pleading phase of the trial, hearing the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as witnesses and thereafter the judicial officer will come to a decision, making it an order of court.

It is obviously clear, that such comprehensive analytic process will be by far better, than just accept an unjust decision of a person in charge, neglecting the basics of fairness to look onto a claim unbiased.

It may therefore be fairly well to accept the initial costs, coming with a legal action in a court of law, but given the evidence is supportive enough to convince the court on the basis of probabilities to decide in favour of the party, to get compensation and a refund of costs necessary to pursue the claim in court.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

The RAMLA web pages are designed to supply you with valuable information's to sort out material motor car accident compensation cases occurred in a traffic collision on South African roads.

Involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do?

You will find a lot information that can help you to claim for damages or to deal with disputed motor insurance claims and even to defend you, if you face an inflated high and unreasonable claim against you.

On your way looking for a professional car accident damage assessment, to quantify and calculate your traffic accident damages occurred one of the provinces of South Africa,

Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape - Western Cape -

you found the RAMLA web pages giving you some ideas about the pro and cons of an independent damage investigation and what you should look on to get a reliable accident damage report, helping you to proof the material claim, against the liable party or the motor insurance company.

Even if you are located in one of the mayor cities of the country such as Cape Town - Bloemfontein - Johannesburg - Soweto - Pretoria - Polokwane - Durban - East London - Port Elizabeth - or in the wider areas around those cities or wherever in the county you are,

RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) can support you with various service options nationwide.

Working with RAMLA will of course be the most comfortable and economic support in pursuit of a legal compensation claim, whether against a 3rd party or directed to any motor insurance company in South Africa.

Motor car accidents happen on a daily basis, and in all the South African provinces, wherever you are, in Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape or in the Western Cape.

In the several provinces you find differences in the level of risks, according to traffic density, conditions of the roads, day and night times, weather conditions and many more.

A motor car accident rarely does happen just out of one singular fault. Mostly more influential factors and other negligent actions must get together causing a traffic accident at all,

when driving through Cape Town or Kahilitsha, Paarl, Parow, Calvinia, Springbok, Vredenburg, as Port Elizabeth, but not just there.

In all our South African cities and even in rural areas, are risks by travelling a vehicle on public roads. Be aware that most accidents happen in your very near neighbourhood or on your daily way to or from work in your home town Middelburg, Graff-Reinet, Somerset - East or Somerset West, Grahamstown, Bisho, Zwelisha or East London, due to the facts that one who is very familiar with this routine, will not be on the alert level one should be.

You can minimise to be dragged into an auto collision, if you concentrate on the traffic, abide by the basic precautions and don't contribute negligent in driving, by let's say texting or telephoning behind the steering wheel.

But even if you live in other small towns or mayor cities such as Umlazi, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Potchefstroom, Port Elizabeth, Knysna, Krugersdorp, Oudtshorn, Mossel Bay or Worcester you have to be aware of the danger by making your trip.

Other road users may not be up to their best abilities, be drunk for example or driving a motor car that better should not be on the road, as it is not roadworthy and so poses risks to other motorists.

Just participate in local traffic within the towns and villages as Roberson, George, Kimberly, Rustenburg or Mabopane, you can be caught up in a vehicle crash at all times, despite you may drive carefully and respect the rules of the road. The other party is always even your risk.

Minimising the probability to be caught up in a road crash, especially in bustling cities such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Soweto, Germiston, Rustenberg, Welkom, Bloemfontein, Polokwane , Durban or Cape Town, where high volumes of motorist getting along all day, the risk to be involved in a car accident is much higher than just travelling in quieter areas as Klerksdorp or Mahikeng.

The best will be, if you are on high alert all the time you drive a motor car. Taking care of keeping proper following distances which is a very good measure not to be involved in car accidents,

when you on the roads of Kimberly, Queenstown, Beaufort West, Prieska, Upington, Vryburg, De Aar, Belfast, Bethlehem, Kroonstad , Harrysmith, Mabane, Nelspruit or Ermelo.

In huge metropolis as Johannesburg or Cape Town where you deal with rush hours when commuters get to and from work in the morning and evening hours, the danger to be trapped up in a motor car accident are explicitly higher as to other traffic times.

If you have been unlucky dragged into an auto accident caused by another one or more motorist who drove negligent, not abiding the rules of the road or even careless and subsequent suffered material damages to your motor car, you want that the liable party pay compensation you for losses.

Do you need to defend an unrealistic compensation claim or an inflated one, as result of a traffic accident?

When you had been unlucky involved in a traffic accident on South Africa's roads and deemed to be the liable party of damage caused in a motor car accident, you probably need to prepare a defence against unreasonable compensation claims.

A claim defence is only useful however, if there are serious doubts about the liability or a portion of liability the validity of the claim itself or the amount claimed by the other party.

Being successful in defending a compensation claim against you, one must have proof to support your side of the arguments to dispute unreasonable claims. When you consider defending a motor car accident damage claim, you should calculate risk and chances. It should always looked on legal cost when considering defending a legal action in South Africa.

If you are involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more.


RAMLA offers You:

Free initial claim evaluation

car accident in South Africa

Free case analysis

RAMLA offers a first free analyse into the details of a particular motor car accident, in order advising what will be your position, your aspects and the recommended way forward.

After checking the brief information - we like you to supply us with via email,- in order to determine the situation, especially the question of causation, liability and subsequent responsibility for compensation under South African traffic legislation and circumstances.

In cases of a motor insurance disputes, we look onto the merits and the reasons leading to the dispute, in order to advise.

What is needed to do so and best submitted via email to will be:

1. Brief information what had happened, the road situation, arguments others may utilise, your position/point of view of the matter, you look for initial advice.

2. A reference to damages and values are appreciated or one or two pictures of the damage may be submitted, so we can check about the rough damage value.

3. Probably a sketch of the scene of the accident, showing all the vehicles involved in positions - before - at impact - after impact (still stand) and further display important road marks, traffic signs, robots etc.

Kindly make sure you give us your initial briefing in your own words and don't just forward a full set of dispute information to be scrutinised, as this isn't part of the free advice offer.

Please further make sure your attaches do have a reasonable size, especially pictures, as some devices today take exorbitant and absolutely unnecessary high resolution pitures.

Contact RAMLA by following this email link   Contact      and secure a swift and free first advice, returned to you by email.

Should you want to know before you contact? Follow this link to   more info.

car accident in South Africa


car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Reasons of dispute:

A reasons for a disagreement on the damage listing can be, that parts of the quotation do not apply to the real damage caused throughout this accident. The first approach is to compare the quotation with hopefully taken photographs to check the basics.

Unfortunately most of the time the photographs taken at the scene of accident are not good enough to enable a knowledgeable person to see what is actually damaged and how serious.

But if i.e the one car just hit another car from behind and that one subsequently hits the one before it and they stay straight bumper to bumper, it is unlikely that i.e. a headlight is damaged. If such items which obviously cannot be damaged in this particular incident are listed in the repair quote, it must be double checked.

Further it is worth the time to compare the quotes received - if more than one - finding out which one can reflect the true damage.

Another major point for a determination of the repair costs are always the actual market value of the motor car - before impact. This is a tool very often applied by insurance companies in South Africa to minimise the claim.

Certainly anyone has the right to look into this matter. If the repair cost exceeds the market value - again before impact - the car can be qualified as a write off and this means that the maximum compensation will be this value minus salvage.

Salvage itself can be another criterion to disagree, as determined to high or too low.

It will be a challenge to look on all those for a layman in need to defend the claim against him/her.

You can always approach RAMLA claim management to support you in doing so.

If you are involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more.

We suggest finding out more about the RAMLA accident claim management and legal service to make an informed decision as the unique RAMLA car accident claim management is very different and supports manage and pursue any accepted claim professionally and to very attractive conditions for you.

If you want support to be compensated for your car accident damage RAMLA can be your one stop solution.
Please contact RAMLA by e-mail contact.ramla for a free initial analyse of your case

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Motor car accident disputes come in a variety of problems. There are disputes with motor insurance companies, defence or claim actions to sort out legitimate damage compensations claims, differences in disputes about values, "written off" declarations, salvage market value, unfair apportioning of damage liability and accordingly adjusted compensation offers and much more.

RAMLA does know them all and can be the knowledgeable and decisive partner in any MVA (motor vehicle accident) matters in South Africa, for clients and members.

Let's get in contact for a free first evaluation of your matter and we will see if there is a way to go claiming or defending matters successfully.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Motor Vehicle Accident

We offer the solution in Car Accident matters, analysing, supporting, demanding, corresponding, negotiating, settlement agreements and further taking matters to a court of law in South Africa, if no amicable solution could be found, in pre-litigation, to best favourable conditions in a professional and decisive routine.

car accident in South Africa
Facing challenges with motor car accident issues in South Africa?

RAMLA will be the solution,

demanding compensation, resolving disputes, defending against inflated or unreasonable claims,

in all sectors of vehicle accident damage compensation problems.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Motor vehicle accidents happens every day on public roads, often causing damages to property

Utilise the affordable professional solutions RAMLA offers clients in South Africa, to solve such repercussions.

 car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

We do have the expertise and know how to act for you.

Experience exceptional service, testified by clients, even after hours or weekends, giving you a peace of mind your case is taken care off, no matter what.

car accident in South Africa  

Your specialised legal expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

RAMLA   -  Road Accident Management & Legal Action

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa
Solution's solving MVA problems

Defence and defensive actions, against a claim another party or the motor insurance company demands compensation, or serve a summons, attempting make another pay for motor car accident damages!

Defence and defensive actions are vital to be protected against unreasonable or inflated claims; you do believe not being liable for.

Traffic accidents most often come with damages to property and/or to motor vehicles in a car crash and soon thereafter the search finding the motorist/s causing the accident will start off.

Anyone likes to be compensated for such car accident damages, but only the one not being causal for the incident, can claim damages successfully.

But certainly there can be different point of views, about liability and causation in a road accident matters and it comes on a regular basis that unreasonable or inflated actions/demands are launched, which need defence and rebuttal.

Motor car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more. Motor car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do? Motor car accident in South Africa

All the parties, in a traffic collision can initiate actions whether reasonable and fair or not, in order to sue another, they deem liable for the destruction or damages, in a car accident, even if not backed by facts, be unrealistic or inflated, regardless it's pursuit by a person, a legal representative, or an insurance company.

Once a party decided to take action for compensation, they should/must deliver a demand (LOD or Letter of Demand), saying why they claim and offer proof, while attempting to hold another liable, what the damages are about, as well address the financial value, they seek compensation for.

Should such a claim be based on wrong assumptions, unrealistic or inflated, the claim needs the correct answer and be rebutted, to get it off the table.

RAMLA has done such defences many, many times, successfully and may be able doing that for your particular action as well. Just contact us and tell us about the demand and your position to it.

Claim related Site Map - A comprehensive overview of relevant Claim Issues
car accident in South Africa   Your specialised expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

Unreasonable or inflated claims for car accident damage compensation - can be declined

Every one can launch a claim, but must proof the matter.

Don't accept just any compensation claim against you.

What are your options defending a legal compensation claim?

Criteria's deciding defending compensation demands?

Activities after receiving a letter of demand

Defence once you have been served with a summons

If you are the one, demanded to pay and you disagree with the allegation or the damages claimed for, you need to declare your defence.

RAMLA is a specialised expert in all MVA matters, claims, disputes (3rd party / comprehensive Insurance cover) and defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims, professional - affordable.    Contact RAMLA for your support to have a damage claim paid or defenced.      Contact     

Headlines and Issues on this page

Everyone in any way tangled in a car accident, can submit a claim to another, but has the onus of proof, and must proof the claim on a balance of probabilities.

After the car accident itself will be over, evicence secured and all participants hopefully back home in good health, the discussion of liability for the damages will commonly start.

Discussions will be launched and a number of "opinion experts" will help to get the parties confused.

South African traffic legislation and the rules of the road, do have a number of factors and task/obligations a motorist must know and abide to.

Such, perhaps not entirely known obligations, can irritate someone in determination of liability, when relying on a determination of what one may feel, what will be correct, to blame the parties for liability.

In general, everyone tangled in a traffic accident and believe to have a claim, may sue another one for paying damages to him/her, but to have a successful claim, the merits and facts needs to be in favour and support of the allegations and further in accordance with the provisions of the law, as a claimant must proof and do have the "onus of proof".

However, any claim, as ridicules it may be and don't have any merits, must be defended, not to end up in a default judgement, which can be very detrimental. Don't take a risk; rather find qualified advice and/or representation, even if it comes with some costs.

Any undefended action may end up with far more costs as engaging in defence, to the right time with the correct knowledge.

For someone in need defending a demand or action against him/her, it is about finding out what the quality and completeness of the evidence the alleging party supplies will be, and if such are suitable or not to stand a challenge a defendant can establish. An unrealistic or inflated claim can relatively easily be denied.

RAMLA can help clients in all MVA matters to solve problems professionally, claims, disputes (3rd party / comprehensive Insurance cover), review of declines with the Ombudsman (OSTI) and defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims, professional - affordable.    Contact RAMLA for your support to have a damage claim paid or defended.      Contact      car accident in South Africa

Some of the motorists involved in car accidents, are insured against risks occurring in public traffic and duly report a claim to their insurer, briefing them with their subjective form of what had happen, which don't need necessarily be the position of other participants in the traffic collision.

The Insurer commonly takes that as the true and only way the matter unfolded and accepts the accompanied circumstances, which can easily lead to wrong decisions in accepting or denying a fair and just claim.

A claim accepted and paid by an Insurer to a client, as to comprehensive cover, may well lead to a recovery action, meaning the Insurer or Party wants the alleged liable party, to pay for all those damages, which may not fair and if so, just need a rebuttal or repudiation of any such demand or legal action.

The good news are, that often the party launching a recovery action don't have good evidence and such claim can relatively easy be denied.

Should the Insurer initiate a recovery claim against the alleged liable party, without having the necessary proof, will not making the claim successful, if defended professionally.

Defence aginst a claim or action being sued for recovery in regard to alledged damages caused, should always be entered into, if not obviously all facts and allegations of the demanding party are true and correct and in so far, accepted by the party sued.

In order to have a successful claim defence, a more intimate knowledge of the traffic law and the rules of the road, as well as common case law in traffic accident claims, should be known in some detail.

Not having the right skills isn't a problem in itself, but may hamper an action of defence against a claim. It should be noticed, that a motor insurance admin, do have at least knowledge of the subject, but unfortunately not always apply it the right or fair way.

Such challenge isn't always easy to overcome, without the intimate knowledge of defending a matter.

Getting someone for assistance/representation, who does have those skills, working for you, will be the far better solution.

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Motor Car Accident, in South Africa?
You want your car accident damages being paid for and receive your material vehicle accident damage compensation for destructions, suffered in a traffic accident on South African roads?

You are welcome to contact RAMLA to receive free advice after a free accident fact check to determine your position.

Contact RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action), tell us your Motor Vehicle Accident story, the issues of concern, the problems you detect or face and get a free check and advice how to proceed. We will check and analyse your individual case and revert to you - most of the time in short circle -.

For best results contact us by email initially, give us an idea of the incident, attach one or two pictues of the damages or relevant situation, the extend or value of the damages suffered - if already assessed -.

In case of an Insurance claim decline, supply us with a copy of the repudidation letter, of give us the reason for the rejection and name the Insurance Company.

Should you like talking to us (phone contact displayed below), do that after the initial email briefing, but keep in mind even we need some time to check about your matter first.

You should utilise such valuable absolutely free initial advice*

car accident in South Africa

RAMLA can be the solution in MVA matters

Do you know that RAMLA is a specialised expert in handling and enforcing or defending all kind of MVA (motor vehicle accident) matters, pursuing motor car accident compensation claims, Insurance dispute resolutions, for its clients - effective - professional - decisive and resolute, to best and affordable fees.

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

As you probably have recognised on our comprehensive web information platform, we do know what we are taking about.

We do invite anyone in South Africa, facing an MVA (motor vehicle accident) problem, to contact us for a first - free - analyse of your particular matter and get initial advice how to proceed.

As a specialist in traffic accident recovery actions, we act for clients/members in the relevant manner, but based on a paid mandate or membership, if a need of practical support arises.

We do offer a free first advice, to determinate your case and give you a direction how and what may be the way forward, in order to build confidence with a potential client.

As professional specialists, in charge of acting in motor accident damage claims in South Africa, we offer a well performing, decisive and demanding claim pursuit, at affordable fees.

  RAMLA will be your one-stop car accident claim service in South Africa

       motor car accident damage claim is complex             

When you need claim support for car accident damage compensation, in South Africa you are on the right web page.

It's so easy contacting us by email.

The effective way will be sending an email containing the nature, damage and problems detected. Once sent through to us, we will study the matter and after analysing the facts, we get back to you by email (most commonly within about 3 hours), with the result and advice,

- free of charge.

If you like to explain your problem to our claim manager on duty, you are welcome to contact us by phone for an initial briefing on cell 076 770 3179 (standard rates apply).

For best results: dont't just call, once you took notice of the opportunity!

First think what you like to get accross, best file it as email and call therafter.

For reasons to convince you not just calling immediately, please follow: how to contact RAMLA successfully.

It will be much more effective; if we do get a briefing of the matter via email, before a telephone call, so we will be prepared answering your questions.

* please note that a practical claim pursuit will not be free of charge and comes with a paid mandate, but at reasonable and affordable fees.

Car accident compensation claims for damages, may cause some headache,

in South Africa.

RAMLA can be the solution to sort out MVA problems.

Not everything in a compensation action goes smooth and the way wanted, as we are confronted with numerous possible challenges.

RAMLA is a specialised expert in material car accident damage claims,

demanding, enforcing compensation actions, supporting disputes with Motor Insurance Companies or its agents, work in Ombudsman's review cases, or defend a motorist against unreasonable or inflated compensation claims.

Contact RAMLA to analyse your case, and get a free opinion where you stand and what to do next. You can contact RAMLA 7/24 and receive a response soon.

It's so easy, just e mail your story and attach what you got to make the RAMLA claim manager understand your problem.

Just draft a brief report of what had happen and send it (use this mail link) to RAMLA for free analyses and you will receive a reply soon.

Contact us now and let us know how we can help you?

car accident in South Africa

email us your story and details to for a free first analyse and advice.

RAMLA offers full legal support to solve car accident claim, a comprehensive claim preparation and action to enforce compensation, all the way up to a court case.

Don't accept just any claim against you. Check and find out, if the demand is fair and reasonable, before you do accept and pay, or deny if you don't accept the claim at all!

Given you received a letter of demand, saying you are held liable for car accident damages, caused by your negligent driving or on other reasons and you don't accept the allegations at all, reply and make your point of view heard. It will be possible for you just to say no, I'm not liable.

To the opposite, you yourself may claim damages, as you will see the matter just very different as those contained in the demand, if the reasons and merits of the claim are specified within the letter of demand at all.

But just saying, no I'm not going and pay this, will only be a bare denial and not solve the case. The other party demanding may just go on and serve a summons onto you.

Before a summons being served to the other party, a formal demand is ought to have been formally delivered, to which the demanded party can answer, putting forward the reason and the means of the defence.

A demand (letter of demand - LOD) should lay out reasons regarding the demanded matter, supporting arguments about the allegations and at best proof of the causation and damages suffered, the driver of the other motor car alleges and if not true and fair, the other must defend, if not happy with the demand, or even if the allegation are deemed just to be fabricated.

RAMLA is a specialised expert in all MVA matters, claims, disputes (3rd party / comprehensive Insurance cover) and defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims, professional - affordable.    Contact RAMLA for your support to have a damage claim paid or defended.      Contact     

Any demand not be as qualified, meeting with those criteria and necessities above, should be regarded as week and if not compelling reasons at hand to accept the demand, it should be defended.

In order to proper defend against a demand, as in most matters of car accident disputes, common knowledge is needed to act successful. It will be advisable to make use of advice or representation available, either provided by specialised experts or local attorneys, should be taken seriously into account.

Spending some money on a proper defence to the right time (early stage in a dispute), will probably help avoid much more critical or financial disadvantage, if matters go wrong.

A summons delivered by the sheriff in charge for the court, will be the first step in a legal action and requires your immediate attention.

If a person or company being served with a summons and don't accept the claim in whatever regard, either as inflated or not being a realistic claim at all, defence notice must be served to the party or the parties representative and the clerk of the court, that issued the summons .

It must be noticed, that a summons served, is a great danger for the one charged, if not addressed properly and according to the rules of the court.

An undefended or incompetent defended action can lead to a default judgement and consequently to execution against the property of the then debtor.

It's important that the defence notice will be served within the definite period (actually 10 days after receipt of service), not to risk having a default judgement against you, enabeling the other party to apply, suddenly and unexpected.

Once your defence is declared, a number of options to find out more of what the Plaintiff do have as evidence can be launched and a defence plea, addressing the summons and defence arguments, will be expected.

You, the party sued in the action in a court of law, must now decide how going forward and rebut the allegations. It will not be sufficient just saying, no I don't be the liable party, but another is.

Facts must be presented and allegations rebutted in the correct form and according to the rules of the court.

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               Contact RAMLA . . .   for your free initial case analyse   Now
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RAMLA will be your   one-stop car accident claim service   in South Africa

  Car accident danger allert   rebut and defend unrealistic claims   Not accept inflated claims   claim defence is important

Facing a motor vehicle or traffic accident damage claim against you and it appears that the claim is unrealistic high or completely unreasonable and not acceptable    the claim must be rebutted on facts.

What are your options defending a legal compensation claim?

Once you are involved in a legal claim, by having a summons supplied, you need defending the claim, according to court rules. This is a process, the legal profession had to study for some time, and not everybody can or even should defend themselves, in a court of law, considered that technically it will be permitted, up to magistrate court levels.

A claim should only be defended in a court of law, if good reason and evidence will be to the side of the defendant.

If there is evidence and/or reasons to rebut a claim with a fair chance of either rebutting the claim in defence, or even initiate a counter claim in order to get own damages paid for, if it turns out the evidence is in favour of the defendant, engaging into defence definitely is the only way.

Certainly a Claimant, the one who want you making paying by initiating a legal action, must put forward sufficient evidence, as the burden of proof rest on him, having a chance and get a judgement in his favour, or win just on technicalities, if a layman in law (Defendant) choose to defend himself, will have missed to comply with.

Getting the action defended positively, should the Claimants arguments may not be either strong or valid; the defendants still need to know how to oppose the allegation made within the trial.

If there aren't good arguments supported by facts and proof, the claiming party is demonstrating to the judge/magistrate, the defending party, may have good chances and the capacity to rebut the allegations, getting the action stopped and avoid unfair pay for motor accident damages, not caused by the sued party.

If a Claimants case however appears very strong, it should be thought twice, before entering in a defence in a court of law, or alternatively better come to a settlement or acceptance of the claim, out of court.

A settlement can be achieved at all stages, before formal ruling by the judge/magistrate has taken place.

RAMLA can help you to find the right decision, or either actively defend a claim or negotiate a settlement.

RAMLA is a specialised legal expert in all MVA matters, claims, disputes (3rd party / comprehensive Insurance cover) and defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims, professional - affordable.    Contact RAMLA for your support to have a damage claim paid or defended.      Contact     

Utilising the RAMLA claim management helping with the decision making, if it will be advisable defending an unrealistic high or inflated compensation claim, or go against a claim without merits, get in touch with us.

If you select RAMLA taking over the matter, defending you against the unreasonable damage claim, will probably work out much more economically as other conventional legal services. Check us out in regard of specialised knowledge and fees.

Unfortunately RAMLA will not support a claim defence, when it appears to be obvious, that you are the liable party and the Claimant have the merits to sustain a legal case. It will be irresponsible to take a mandate for a case that doesn't have a chance of winning, or at least mitigating results.

If one just wants to fight a car accident claim defence against another, regardless to the circumstances, your local attorney is the way to go.

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RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action

car accident in South Africa

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if you want be paid compensation for yor car accident damages or in a need to defend you against unreasonalbe or inflated claims,

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RAMLA is a specialist in motor accident damage recovery claims. Our team can help you through the process and minimise trouble affecting you in a claim.

Criteria's deciding to take on a legal claim and defend a car accident compensation action or demand?

In the process deciding if and how defending a claim, there are two perspectives to look on:

1. Activities after receiving a letter of demand - LOD

2. Defence once you have been served with a Summons

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Defencive activities after receiving a Letter of Demand

A letter of demand is the first step in a claim for compensation recovering car accident damages. We specified the content of a
LOD - letter of demand in other articles, so we don't get into this now.

Once the letter of demand has been served and studied, the one demanded should know what the other party intends or demands. A critical review of what they demand is a must, but should be done in an objective manner, as it's the basis for the decision taking on a claim or not.

As most motorist have been trained and learned driving a car and know and respect the rules of the road, no education or teaching in terms of the law is needed getting a driving licence, but needed to be prepared in case of any repercussions coming from car accidents and damages.

That said, means the most common motorist don't know much how to proceed, in cases of car accident disputes.

A probative way to equalise the lack of knowledge, will be to take proper advice or even external pursuit, to get matters served knowledgeable and with successful prospects. RAMLA is one of such solution to be looked at for service.

As mentioned the demand should lay out facts and offer proof. If that is missed out being supplied, the option of a bare denial may be appropriate, enabling or demanding the other party to come with better details.

Coming to the conclusion, that the demand or allegations are not, what the demanded one find will be the truth, a more detailed denial may be the way to go. If there are arguments and facts contained in the letter of demand, the demand should be answered properly and the claim replied to, on the basis of conclusions and other influential factors, applicable.

Obviously a letter of demand should be answered in any case, as this is the time finding common ground or better a solution, before all may be escalated to the level of a court of law.

If the demanded come to the result, that indeed there aren't sufficient arguments rebutting a claim or even honestly accepting liability, it will be the time to enter into a settlement negotiation, even if that will mean facing a financial burden.

If a motorist liable and causal for the damages, is not insured against such risks, and foresee financial problems to pay the demand, it will be much better engaging with the other party honestly and probably find a solution in a compromise or instalments to pay off, even if the demanding party in fact will be the motor insurance company of the other party.

As to our experience, so called recovery claims, initiated by motor insurance companies to get back money paid to the client for repairs or compensation, those often are weak in terms of proof and a very good chance of a successful rebuttal may be available.

Just hiding, as some contemporaries prefer, will get nowhere, if the other party goes forward and take the next step and issue a summons. Once a summons is delivered, a defendant is forced by law to act, and that means most often legal representation and costs.

Missing out to act and defend, means one will face a default judgement and a warrant of execution can be applied for, by the other party, and execution into property or income can be instituted, without a chance protecting much against such detrimental actions.

Engaging in the matter, aiming and find a solution, even if the consequences will have a negative impact to life, will be much better as risking a time and cost intensive legal claim in a court of law, exposing one to the threat of losing the case, with costs to pay for own and the other parties legal representation.

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car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

Defence once you have been served with a summons

It must be said one more time, a defence against a legal claim, where a party is demanded payment to compensate car accident damages, will only be advisable, if there are facts, suitable supporting the defensive evidence, defending the claim successfully.

Once the summons has been served by the sheriff to you or even to others, staying in your place of residence means, the one summonsed is within a legal claim.

As you have to make your decision defending or not, only the facts can tell what should be done, defend or accept the claim now.

The summons comes in a special form, definite by rules, stipulating at least the minimum of information about of the nature and value of the claim.

It further entails a section where the defendant can either accept the claim, or declare defence against the demand to pay and not accepting to be liable for such, or the claim is not be fairly or properly acceptable, of what is claimed for, i.e. inflated damages or unrealistic allegations, it should be opted to defend the action.

If the summons is called a combined summons, it must stipulate the reasons and facts of the claim, being regarded as a combined summons, the most utilised form in South Africa, where the POC or Particulars of Claim, will be addressed.

Depending if a more precisely formulated letter of demand has not been received before and the combined summons doesn't lay out the arguments for a particular claim properly, defence should always be declared.

It is easier to deny an improper claim, than to formulate and proof one.

The notice of defence must be filed, and served to the claimant or his/her legal representative and to the clerk of the court, that issued the summons. Make sure, if you do so, that you can proof the service of your defence notice.

The claimant has the opportunity to carry on with the claim, or due to your notice defending the claim, don't take it forward as they may recognize risks in proceeding.

Once the claimant decides to go forward, the full process of legal proceedings in a court of law applies and one may need legal representation, latest at this stage.

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RAMLA is a specialised expert in all MVA matters, claims, disputes (3rd party / comprehensive Insurance cover) and defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims, professional - affordable.    Contact RAMLA for your support to have a damage claim paid or defended.      Contact     

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RAMLA - Road Accident Management and Legal Action - is one of South Africa's most experienced and decisive advocates to sort out legal disputes with parties, Insurance companies or act in defence of clients confronted with unreasonable or inflated claims.

Car accident issues that matters most:

We are legal specialist in motor car accident damage recovery matters and offer our services to those suffering damages or in need to defend unreasonable or inflated claims.

Taking on disputes with motor insurance companies, engage in unfair declines or incorrect apportionment of damages, take matter on review to the Ombudsman, or even get matters to be heard in a court of law, should all fail to find a solution and the escalation to a court of law is inevitable.

RAMLA can get you through the trouble, for just some affordable fees, commonly just equal or lower then towing/storage cost may be.

We are one of the most experienced, decisive advocates, when it comes to car accident problems - issues of compensation or defence against unreasonable or inflated claims, bad repair practice and much more.

We work only on motor car accident matters.

Check us out, so you do know if we can uphold we say, free of charge.

Welcome to RAMLA

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How going forward once there is a claim or dispute or other challenges?

Well, once someone checks a web site as this one RAMLA presents, there will be some sort of a problem.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) issues are manifold and can be complex.

It may either be that there is no response from the liable party's Insurer or a repudiation, apportioning or any other decline, such as to violation of terms and conditions.

There are even cases, where a claim is directed to a 3rd party, deemed liable and demanded, but no engagement noticed.

Lot of issues coming up in MVA - car accident matters, may not be handled according to valid law, or wrongly interpreted.

There are many people in South Africa's motor insurance industry, without a legal background and act under instructions, don't care, nor perhaps not having the necessary skills, or just follow a strategy, to get rid of valid claims.

Such should not be accepted and the challenge taken head on, even if it comes with some engagement.

RAMLA as a specialised legal expert can solve such problems, just for a fraction in fees what you may miss out, if you don't have the right support.

In our view, it is not the correct way and get a legitimate claimant's demand, just been brushed away, isn't it?

Just take the time and contact, tell us about the matter and let us take care of it.


Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims?

RAMLA can help you most effectively to get a claim dropped or eased.

The results defending someone against whatever car accident compensation claim, can be very good, as often the evidence the Claimant do have is not sufficient to proof the claim, which is a pre-requisite for a successful action.

If it isn't as clear what the implications are and what evidence the other party/Insurance do have, chances are very good to stand through and get a claim successfully denied, even if a summons may have be served already.

The party alleges or accuses is forced to proof the claim and not the demanded party.

Many Insurance recovery claims fall short of such reliable evidence and therefore can be repudiated, even if it comes from attorneys or recovery agents.


However we do handle every substantial MVA claim,

against whatever party, Insurance, reluctant party or company successfully, given the merits of the issue are clear and stand a challenge.

Should the merits not be so favourable in the first place, we do all we can, improving such merits, to get the matter being a strong case.


Chances of success, if there is a strong case, and any other winning guarantees?

Those are questions we hear frequently, before a new client is prepared to accept some fees.

There cannot be any guarantee of success in legal matters, as the other party may have evidence matching or being better proof. If it comes to an action in a court of law, the presiding officer is the instance of weighting all brought forward in the action and decides.

However if sufficient evidence is at hand, chances are high to predict a win and succeeding with a matter, which ends up in an acceptable settlement/judgement.


You want to visit a local RAMLA office in your area and have a chat with one of our experts?

We are very sorry telling you, that we have chosen a different way of performing our business.

In order to hold overhead costs low, and not compromise on expertise and service, we have decided to act from one central, but not public office, in the Western Cape.

In order to hold fees low and offer very competitive rates, compared with similar legal services, we decided to concentrate intelligence and contain costs in this manner.

Anyone who likes to visit his/her adviser or attorney, should not choose RAMLA as a favourite, as we cannot or want honour just that.

But we can deliver the way we operate effectively, wherever you are in South Africa and with whom ever we have to deal, effectively, decisive and affordable.


What about fees, must they be paid upfront or can it be deducted from recoveries?

Let me answer the question in short.

Yes, all fees need to be paid up before we take action.

Why is that so?

Our fees are as competitive low, that we cannot enforce any such fees economically, if someone just take our services and thereafter give us hassles to pay.

Any local attorney will do the same, as asking for a deposit, commonly far higher than our entire fees are, upfront.

In general those deposits are offset against fee notes and further deposits requested in due course.

We dont do that. We deliver services not billed on time issues, but on performance phases, which gives cost certainty and the assurance to be taken care of the full matter.

Contact us to get more detailed information.


Any doubts about our capabilities or performance as this offer is an anonymous one on the web?

Well I must accept such doubts and can only point out and rely on the many we served before and who may be contactable for reference.

Check out what we display on our comprehensive web pages, which will back up our knowledge and experience without a doubt.

Anyhow we will never accept a mandate before we have had a first free analyse of your particular matter and if you aren't satisfied with our reply, simply don't go on with us, despite it may be detrimental to you.

We value a fair and open informative strategy, keeping a client updated, which will please most of those with an open mind to comunication technologies, such as email etc.

But we can only do what we offer and if you aren't happy with such offer, just get into contact with your local lawyer, or ask us to refer you to someone with specialised knowledge in MVA matters.


Should you have been through all before . . .

and still think we can be the one to solve your motor vehicle accident compensation problem in South Africa, just get in contact with us.

You're welcome to be served perfectly.

Kind Regards Your RAMLA team

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When it comes to a legal action in a court of law, the details are important.

RAMLA do know what is of importance and guide matters to success.

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When towing any vehicle to safety, after a traffic accident, it will be the ideal time/opportunity to promote RAMLA highly experienced and economical outstanding claim service, to enable the party suffered damages to claim or defend for material motor car accident compensation, and take part in the RAMLA rewards program.


Towing and or storage of a damaged car on a yard can come with bad surprise

Can a party in need of towing trust all companies, if matters coming towing the car to be stored in a yard with costs?

There is a good portion of suspicious thinking necessary.

A serious warning is therefore adequate.

Don't trust any promises of a hassle free pursuit. Make sure you do know about costs and risks.

Many have lost the salvage value of the car stored, just set off against towing and storage costs, as they did trust and not be as sceptically as needed.

We don't think to trust towing guys anymore, as we haven't made any fair connections yet.

On the contrary we need warning parties involved in car accidents, to not trust any of those promising rescue offers to give you a hassle free support.

Do not trust any promises as the other parties insurance company will take care of costs, as that is a total different matter and will only be true, if and in time the Insurer will accept claims, which isn't the regular occurrence.

Some of those towing companies, store your damaged vehicle on an open yard, not insured or safeguarded and despite charge storage fees in the range of International Airport parking rates, being of R 300 a day and more.

They do refuse to release the car, unless all is paid, which is illegal.

Such may end up paying for overcharged towing and storage what the wreck may be worth and they may suggest just leave the wreck for the open account.

Don't fall to such illegal and unethical behaviour.


Motor Insurance Disputes

An insurance claim, either as a third party or comprehensive claim can come with a number of challenges.

Having the knowledge and experience is a prerequisite to get through against sometimes very strange arguments or decisions.


Ombudsman for short term Insurance

The Ombudsman for short term insurance disputes (OSTI) reviews matters that emanates from policy differences or disputes.

However it must not always be expected that OSTI is in favour of Insurance clients to protect their rights.

Very often they just look on one-sided information, even without verification, if a client in need for help doesn't know how to repudiate false or weak allegations, the matter will most probably be lost and the Insurer rests relaxed.

The Institution of the OSTI office is financed by the Insurance Industry.


A reluctant party try to hide and not engage?

Don't allow a party to act in such manner. A liable driver must take responsibility, but it can be a challenge if you have been too patient or trustful of promises and the other do know how to make you struggle.

Disclaimer: Although all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of the content, displayed on the RAMLA web-pages, no warranty is given regarding the accuracy or completeness of the content or its suitability for any purpose. Use of information whatsoever will be entirely on own risk. No claims for loss or damage arising from reliance of the information supplied will be entertained.

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Conditions: for free first claim analyses: RAMLA offers first free analyses of your motor accident case, in order to enhance your confidence. Therefore some data and material will be needed to submit to RAMLA for an individual reply. Under such circumstances, RAMLA will have the free copyright to publish case information and of photographs on our web pages, designed to inform others about real instances, without exposing private data.

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