RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa
Motor vehicle accident damage claim enforcement
- defence against inflated or unreasonable claims
- Motor Insurance disputes - claim declines

Car accident damage claim enforcement

Rebutting unfair settlement offers

Insurance claim declines or dismissal

Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims

Support in any MVA matters, in South Africa

Road Accident Management & Legal Action

We are car accident damage compensation recovery specialists

RAMLA is a specialised Expert in South Africa's Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa
Having a compensation claim against another party, probably insured against claims emanating from car accidents, or against own, comprehensive motor insurance cover, can come with complications. A number of issues can lead to disputes, declines or insufficient settlement offers. RAMLA as an specialised Expert in all MVA matters, can be the solution for any such problems.
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Car accident lawyers and professional claim managers to analyse, support and pursue your material car accident claim, effective and economical, nationwide in South Africa.

You will find a lot of useful information on the RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) web pages.

The procedure and pursuit of your claim for motor car accident damage compensation in South Africa (SA)

Procedure and pursuit to claim for traffic accident damages is complex and constitutes mainly out of two important sections, which have different rules to follow.

The first is when you need to claim for bodily injuries and the other is that of material motor accident compensation.

The bodily injuries compensation claim is to direct to the South African Road Accident Fund, installed by government to compensate all those who suffered personal injuries in absence of a general obligation to have a valid third party motor insurance. Unfortunately this web pages do not give you much of the input you like to have to know how to pursuit a claim for bodily injuries.

Involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do.


RAMLA is a specialised expert in the pursuit of material car accident damage claims, in South Africa, either to enforce material car accident damage compensation or to repudiate inflated/unreasonable claims.

Material Damage suffered in a car accident           Material Damage suffered in a car accident
RAMLA isn't a practicing law firm itself, but a specialised expert in all MVA matters and certainly does have all the legal skills necessary pursuing MVA claims. The focus of the RAMLA claim solution is on pre-litigation (all before a court of law can't be avoided to solve matters).

RAMLA analyse MVA claims, prepares and demand damage claim compensation, interact with 3rd parties or motor insurance companies to achieve settlement, support clients in defensive actions against unreasonable claims.

RAMLA utilise local attorneys for pursuit and litigation, if client matters need to be escalated to a court of law, according to jurisdiction and level of court.

As legal actions in South Africa are cost intensive and long term matters, RAMLA focus to solve claim matters out of court, applying its experience and special knowledge in MVA matters, acting decisive and professional to solve matters for clients, after a free first case analyse. No costs or any obligations apply, if inquiries launched and answered, unless a full informed client wants RAMLA to act, in a particular matter.

RAMLA does not bill for time spend or hours, but offer service options for action phases in MVA damage recovery matters. Those action phases are offered to a capped (fixed) once off fee, for all RAMLA does, as in detail analysing, preparing, demand, correspondence and settlement actions, including settlement agreements.

RAMLA works according a unique concept, to deliver professional, goal driven and active support in pursuit of damage claims. In order to offer an effective and affordable service to those in need to claim for car accident compensation, we operate distinctive to hold costs down but service level high and in a convenience, transparent and open manner.

RAMLA - Road Accident Management and Legal Action - do not maintain offices all over the country, working from a central office in the Western Cape. RAMLA will not be suitable to work with/for somebody want's a face to face service or to have intensive telephonically exchange and support.

You want to knnow how to interact and correspond with RAMLA?

Welcome to RAMLA - Company Details

      Road Accident Management & Legal Action
      PO Box 498
      Betty's Bay 7141
      Western Cape - South Africa

Telephone        kindly contact per e mail info@ramla.co.za

Telefax              kindly contact per e mail info@ramla.co.za

                                                          e-mail             info@ramla.co.za
                                                          website          www.ramla.co.za

Important to SEO advertising or other web service offers:

No unsolicited contact in terms of SEO proposals or other web services welcome!                                                          

           Client service e-mail                    service@ramla.co.za

           Client info telephone                    076 770 3179

           Client SMS Service                        076 770 3179

Material Damage suffered in a car accident           Material Damage suffered in a car accident

           Company Registration CK 2003/023338/23

           (a division of holiday property service cc)

Claim Telefax                  n/a 

Claim e-mail                    claim@ramla.co.za

Post Mail                          PO Box 498, Betty´s Bay, 7141

In terms of active claims: Please take note that pending claim matters will not be discussed telephonically, except by prior arrangement.

                                                                      read more - Disclaimer

RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialised expert in material car accident management, in South Africa.

RAMLA offers nationwide motor car accident claim service, but don't maintain costly offices all over the country. RAMLA choose the way of modern technology communication working from a central place and making use of service partners in the area in question of your problem, i.e. correspondent attorneys, motor car damage assessors or others as workshops etc.

That means you will in all regularity do not have costly and time consuming face to face meetings, meaning you don't need to make appointments and drive all the way to the offices, instead you correspond with RAMLA best via e-mail.

Certainly you can contact your RAMLA claim manger telephonically if you need to discuss something not suitable to do by e-mail or even a SKYPE online TV session can be arranged if needed.

All this is designed to give our claim management the time and the freedom to do the best in support of your case and not be available at all times on the phone, for things that can be done by e-mail to be attended asap and further to enable RAMLA to give you quality support to very favourable economic terms.

RAMLA (Road Accident Management and Legal Action) is your South African specialist in handling and enforcing your material car accident damage claim.

You can contact RAMLA 24/7 by e mail and receive a feedback soon, but not later as 24 hours, except but not necessarily on specific public holidays.

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RAMLA Expert Partnership

Become a local partner of our Nationwide Network of experts in adjacent industries, such as:

Legal profession

Panel beater or auto
     body repair workshops

Independent vehicle
     damage assessors

enhancing mutual business at no cost to either side.

Please follow the link to the industry above to learn more about the offer.

SMS "network" your name and industry, place of business to 076 770 3179
and we call you, or send to
e-mail info@ramla.co.za

Towing industry . . .
     partner with RAMLA

Towing any vehicle to safety, after a traffic accident, will be ideal to promote RAMLA highly economical and outstanding claim service to enable the party to claim or defend for material motor car damage compensation, and take part in RAMLA rewards program.

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