RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa
Motor vehicle accident damage claim enforcement
- defence against inflated or unreasonable claims
- Motor Insurance disputes - claim declines

Car accident damage claim enforcement

Rebutting unfair settlement offers

Insurance claim declines or dismissal

Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims

Support in any MVA matters, in South Africa

Road Accident Management & Legal Action

We are car accident damage compensation recovery specialists

RAMLA is a specialised Expert in South Africa's Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa
Having a compensation claim against another party, probably insured against claims emanating from car accidents, or against own, comprehensive motor insurance cover, can come with complications. A number of issues can lead to disputes, declines or insufficient settlement offers. RAMLA as an specialised Expert in all MVA matters, can be the solution for any such problems.
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South African car accident lawyers and professional claim managers, working together with motor vehicle damage assessors, to serve a client/customer who has to sort out motor car accident damages in South Africa.

 Accident towing

RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action - is an organisation in the field of consumer protection aimed to deliver motor accident damage claim service to the victim of a car accident.

One of our favourites is serving in disputes with motor insurance companies.

RAMLA further concentrates on the challenges in the pre-litigation phase of a claim, which forms the basis for any settlement and/or court case. RAMLA support and pursuit legal cases in court, if no solution could be found in the pre-litigation phase, out of court.

The unique way RAMLA works, makes it very comfortable for anyone who needs to claim for auto crash compensation offered in high quality and professionalism, but to the favourable economic conditions to claim for damages, in South Africa.

To broaden the basis of clients all over the country and in exchange bring additional business to a RAMLA listed towing company, is what we mean with partnership.

We like to convince you the local professional motor towing specialist, that it is worthwhile to recommend the unique RAMLA claim service to others, especially directly after a traffic accident.

That's the headline for you to consider.

 RAMLA claim management

Please take note that RAMLA offers any new client a free accident fact check, so if you recommend to check out about RAMLA tell your client, that all will be free, unless practical claim service starts.

RAMLA is not aware that such free professional service is offered anywhere in the country. For us the motivation is to build up confidence with any new client, before mandate.

Motor accidents with more severe damages needs the service of a towing truck to clear the scene of impact.

What will be your benefit partner with RAMLA?

1. Recommendation of your service to local RAMLA clients/members.

2. Certifying your business as competent, trustworthy and fair.

3. Free listing to be selected by clients/members on RAMLA web pages

4. Free own web page, within RAMLA website, to showcase your business

5. Rewards and commission schemes for your payback

As laid out in the number of web pages the RAMLA site offers, we made it clear that RAMLA, Road Accident Management & Legal Action, is an organisation that focuses on serving clients/members who were involved in a car accident, so that they will be compensated fairly and in full for the material damage suffered in a car accident.

RAMLA pursues legal law suits for clients/members involved in car accidents who suffered material damage. No claims for bodily injuries will be handled at this time.

RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialist in material car accident management in South Africa

Being a RAMLA towing partner, means to be recommended to clients and members for your individual service in the local area you operate. You will be certified as trustworthy and fair and enhance your business.

As a towing partner, RAMLA offers you free listing on its website and furthermore provide your business with an own page within the RAMLA site, to showcase your business absolutely free.

Your company can enhance your reputation against some of your colleagues when you are going the extra mile on the scene of the traffic impact. This extra mile will not cost you any money and just a little time to perform by your guys on the road, but will give you the boost in recommendation you probably want, by looking on our web page.

So what is the extra mile now, and will it pay?

When RAMLA scrutinise the accident information received from the client/member, unfortunately too much often a lack of real evidence is detected, which could be secured so easy. If the accident scene is cleared it will be difficult, if not impossible to get some sort of proof, easy to secure before.

The simple but very essential task is to secure proof and evidence on the scene of the motor car crash, the police simply don't do and the people involved in a sudden accident are probably not prepared or too emotional to do the right thing to the right time.

RAMLA towing partners will have the opportunity to make use of all preparation measures provided by RAMLA and make use of the training offer, free of charge.

What is your pay for such extra mile service?

There are two ways for you being rewarded. The first is that you take part in our canvasing plan and reward scheme, which pays you for recommending or making contact between RAMLA and the accident victim in South Africa, shortly after the accident.

If RAMLA will be able to offer and convince a new client to utilise the professional and highly economical RAMLA claim service, you will receive a bonus or commission paid to you. Further we will manage that you will be paid a fair return for your time, securing motor car accident evidence, such as photographs, sketches or what it may be.

It may be necessary even signing supporting affidavits, where applicable that will be filed for your convenience, for which we cannot directly honour you with material value, as this will be unlawful intervention in a case.

If you are interested, we most welcome your contact to find out if we can put together our strange to mutual benefit. We welcome your contact preferable by e-mail  info@ramla.co.za

When towing any vehicle to safety, after any traffic accident, will be ideal moment to promote RAMLA highly economical and outstanding claim service to enable the party to claim or defend for material motor car damage compensation.

RAMLA offers a variety of support options, beginning with passive support in terms of advice how to proceed and guide a claim pursuit by the client himself, starting as low as just R 300.00 up to a full scale pre-litigation support at the lowest rate you will find at the level of advice in car accident claims.  

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