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RAMLA will be your one-stop car accident claim service in South Africa

motor car accident damage claim is complex and need your full attention. You will only get sufficient car accident compensation, when you have the proofs you need.            

When you need claim support for car accident damage compensation, in South Africa you are on the right web page.

Car accident compensation claims for damages in South Africa, may cause some headache.

RAMLA is a specialist in material car accident damage claims (no bodily injuries).

(use this mail link)    Contact RAMLA to analyse your case, and get a free opinion where you stand and what to do next. You can contact RAMLA 7/24 and receive a response soon.

Motor car accident damage claim service, in South Africa

It's so easy, just e mail your story and attach what you got to make the RAMLA claim manager understand your problem. Just draft a brief report of what had happen and send it (use this mail link) to RAMLA for free analyses and you will receive a reply soon.


Car accident lawyers and professional claim managers to analyse, support and pursue your material car accident claim, effective and economical, nationwide in South Africa.

You will find a lot of useful information on the RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) web pages.

First of all we have to definite what we have to understand will be full and fair motor accident damage compensation. But even before doing so, we have to clarify that the South African System of motor car accident compensation, is split off into the sector of bodily injuries, which is dealt with very different to that of material damage compensation. The web pages you are browsing currently only focus on the material and civil claim for you to receive the full and fair traffic accident damage compensation occurred to your vehicle.

The South African law say: You should be materially compensated so that you will be able to have your damaged auto repaired to the state it was in, before the traffic collision impact. That means either you cannot expect a new car (some exemptions excluded here i.e. if your motor vehicle is very much new, so saying not older than a year since being on the road the first time) if your one is fairly used and the marks of wear and tear are visibly impacting you auto value.

But even an older motor car must be repaired to manufacturer's standards to maintain the roadworthy status of the then repaired vehicle.

So to say it in short, get it back on track, but do not try to make a fortune out of it, as that can easily backfire on you. But this does not mean you have to agree to too many compromises in terms of your motor car repairs. To have your damaged car back into the state it had been before, you need to prepare a solid base of value analysis for your compensation, either by a qualified repair quotation or by a professional damage assessment.

But nothing is always stringent and you cannot take one argument alone to find the correct compensation basis. There may even be differences in what you might have to accept as motor car accident repair compensation, in either a third party claim or a claim you direct to your own comprehensive motor insurance policy.

A claim launched with you motor insurance company will have to look on what you have covered under your policy and probably have some contributions to accept, due to the content of your policy.

A 3rd party claim, directed to the perpetrator however must give you full compensation and no clauses, as insurance excess or other limitations in your insurance policy apply.

In most cases, you should have some professional support. If you want to get the matter sorted out quickly, possibly with less costs as possible, and being compensated for your car accident damage fairly, you should consider and let a car accident damage claims specialist such as RAMLA, or your local attorney working for you.

Motor car accident damage claim service, in South Africa

Frequenty asked Questions: below you find some shortcuts of more detailed information, you can fully access - by just clicking on the heading

Damage to your motor car, is the most probably your concern, when you look onto the web to find something you can build on your compensation claim.

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RAMLA will be your   one-stop car accident claim service   in South Africa

  Material Damage suffered in a car accident   Be careful when handling your car accident claim   RAMLA car accident claim management enforcing damage compensation   Lucky you when the car accident damage is repaired

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Vehicle accident Damage Assessment is excellent to proof any material damage to a motor car

Vehicle accident Damage Assessment is an excellent tool to verify and document any motor crash damage, professionally. Such motor car damage assessment has to be done by a qualified motor vehicle damage assessor.

The vehicle damage assessments must be of high quality and list all damages, accompanied by photographs allowing any independent specialist to double check the finding, in order proving all material damage suffered in a traffic accident, to claim for from the liable party, the full and fair motor car accident damage compensation.

The quality of the documentation of the motor car damage, may even secure details for further investigations to determine liability for the car crash at all, in a later dispute. A vehicle damage assessment will mostly be undertaken by the insurance company of the liable party, and serve as a basis to offer a settlement.

An independent and professional vehicle accident damage assessment serves many purposes during a claim for compensation:

1. it proves the traffic accident damage professionally (much more valuable than a repair quotation)

2. the vehicle damage can be repaired even during the pending action, without taking the risk of losing proof of the damage

3. it serves as independent proof, as it is a list of all your damage suffered in the traffic collision, showing correct repair costs and parts, according to manufactures specification

4. it will serve as a correct basis to formulate any claim value for a legal case to enforce auto accident compensation, avoiding disadvantages.

Please note that every vehicle damage assessor is not necessarily a qualified assessor. Motor car damage assessments may have a tendency to be in favour to the party that ordered such vehicle assessment. A vehicle damage assessor, sent by an insurance company, has the general task to cut down the pro rata damage, meaning such motor car damage assessment might create shortfalls in the offer to compensate. So keep that in mind when you receive a settlement offer and be alerted.

We think this is a very important matter - we would like to know about your assessment experiences

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When you need support to claim professional and very economically RAMLA may be the best choice

RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialist in material car accident management in South Africa.

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Determine Market Value, when a motor car may be a total loss, or called "written off"

Market value in terms of motor vehicle accident claims, is the value that the average, or at least of a number of willing buyers and sellers, prepared to enter in a motor car deal to sell or buy a motor car.

The market value is a crucial figure, whenand is regarded as the price to be achieved or to pay for any sale. It is that figure a willing buyer and a willing seller will agree and strike a deal to sell/buy the property in question. This, general rule, will apply for your motor car as well.

Unfortunately the term and interpretation of market value leads to a high number of disputes with South African motor insurance companies in a compensation claim, when the settlement offer is based on a wrong market value.

If a victim in a motor car accident will be told that his damage suffered in a traffic accident, is a total loss, meaning uneconomically to repair, the market value is one of three most crucial values to arrive at a fair settlement.

There are several methods to find the market value of a car, as to the conditions the motor vehicle had been in, before damaged in the vehicle crash. One option is the value listed in the "Transunion Auto Dealers Guide", or Auto Dealeres Digest, which is the general orientation for a professional car dealer to find a value to offer when buying or selling a vehicle.

The list shows most of makes and types of motor cars, and you need to look onto a equivalent to the type, age, mileage, usage, extras and conditions of your car.

As mentioned before, the list is an orientation for the motor retail industry to find a value for buying/trading in a motor car or on the other hand to sell it again covering costs and profit. It is easy to recognize. that these values very often applied by insurance claim administrators by "calcualting" the settlement offer, will hardly be correct to find a market value for the individual car. The sale value is at least a value that can be considered, given your car have average mileages average age and equipped even more standard.

The value for buying/trading in a car is totally inappropriate and should not be accepted.

Some insurance companies in its effort to drop down the compensation payment take both those values and divide those to come to an obscure average, which in no way can be correct, as the buy/trade in value is very low compared to the sale value, due to cost and profit.

The sale value may be suitable for the average type of motor vehicles only, and may not apply to your car, as this list do not recognise individual circumstances, the real condition of the car and individual equipment.

To find out when a motor car must be called a "write off, commonly a vehicle damage assessment is the basis.

Finding a fair market value and then compare the damage repair costs, to find out if the damage is really a write off, applies when the repair costs are higher than the market value, can be a tricky matter and may lead to financial losses for the victim of a traffic accident.

High alert is advised when one need to deal with write off or total loss or even called totalled scenario. Get the right support as soon if you may see difficulties.

If you need more individual information, you may contact a car dealer as well as RAMLA for more support.

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When you need support to claim professional and very economically RAMLA may be the best choice

RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialist in material car accident management in South Africa.

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Different qualifications of a good attorney to support your motor car accident damage claim

In cases of car accident damages, it is most important to be supported by qualified advisors, to be compensated fair and full. If you choose your attorney to pursue your auto accident claim for compensation, you should be sure that the selected attorney is qualified with regards to motor law.

A good attorney will notify you of all details, proof and evidence needed to claim successfully and thereafter receive your car accident compensation.

Please keep in mind that the best lawyer can only be successful in a claim, being in possession of all documentation and facts. The documents and facts must be reliable and the attorney/adviser must trust on the accuracy and completeness of the information they have got from you, the claimant who need to sue someone liable for vehicle damages.

It is most likely up to you, the client, to deliver all such details to your attorney. RAMLA will go the extra mile when supporting someone in a claim for car accident compensation in South Africa, as active support is offered and given in all such respects.

We would like to know more about your experiences with South African attorneys, and if the claim process was successful or disappointing. Let us know about your experiences.

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When you need support to claim professional and very economically RAMLA may be the best choice

RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialist in material car accident management in South Africa.

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A different Quotation for car accident damage repair, must be true and complete to enable you to repair your vehicle damage for the compensation

The difference between a quotation made in hurry and one having a standard close to the quality of a professional motor vehicle damage assessment, means that this quotation will be accurate, true and complete. Quotations have to meet several standards:

1. It has to list all items needed to fix the car damage properly.

2. It should specify time needed for the entire vehicle repair.

3. It must match the authorised terms, set out by the car manufacturer to do such repairs, utilising the right and original parts to the retail price of the authorised motor car part dealer of the make, etc.

4. It should have photographs of the damage attached; enable a knowledgeable third person to verify if the repair quotation is fair.

Such a complete quotation will be suitable as proof of car accident damage. It and should not overshoot or fall short in the amount quoted and needed for repair.

Make sure that no damages, either difficult to detect or hidden, will be left out in the repair assessment and quotation.

A claim for car accident damage compensation, based on a wrong value - taken from an improper quotation - may lead to a claim value either too high or too low. Both will most certainly lead to a disadvantage if it comes to a court case and to a practical motor vehicle repair.

If you can contribute a positive or negative experience in this regard, please let us know.

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