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Support in any MVA matters, in South Africa

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We are car accident damage compensation recovery specialists

RAMLA is a specialised Expert in South Africa's Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

Alleged having violated Terms & Conditions in Motor Insurance claim action

Claim against own comprehensive motor insurance policy

RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa

RAMLA is a specialised legal Expert in regard to Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of experts work decisive, swift and economically affordable, to solve car accident issues.

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Having a compensation claim against another party, probably insured against claims emanating from car accidents, or against own, comprehensive motor insurance cover, can come with complications. A number of issues can lead to disputes, declines or insufficient settlement offers. RAMLA as an specialised Expert in all MVA matters, can be the solution for any such problems.
      car accident in South Africa
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Free accident fact check

If you are involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more.

face the challenge - Let's Claim

The RAMLA web pages are designed to supply you with valuable information's to sort out material motor car accident compensation cases occurred in a traffic collision on South African roads.

Involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do?

You will find a lot information that can help you to claim for damages or to deal with disputed motor insurance claims and even to defend you, if you face an inflated high and unreasonable claim against you.
On your way looking for a professional car accident damage assessment, to quantify and calculate your traffic accident damages occurred one of the provinces of South Africa,

Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape - Western Cape -

you found the RAMLA web pages giving you some ideas about the pro and cons of an independent damage investigation and what you should look on to get a reliable accident damage report, helping you to proof the material claim, against the liable party or the motor insurance company.

Even if you are located in one of the mayor cities of the country such as Cape Town - Bloemfontein - Johannesburg - Soweto - Pretoria - Polokwane - Durban - East London - Port Elizabeth - or in the wider areas around those cities or wherever in the county you are,

RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) can support you with various service options nationwide.

Working with RAMLA will of course be the most comfortable and economic support in pursuit of a legal compensation claim, whether against a 3rd party or directed to any motor insurance company in South Africa.

Motor car accidents happen on a daily basis, and in all the South African provinces, wherever you are, in Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape or in the Western Cape.

In the several provinces you find differences in the level of risks, according to traffic density, conditions of the roads, day and night times, weather conditions and many more.

A motor car accident rarely does happen just out of one singular fault. Mostly more influential factors and other negligent actions must get together causing a traffic accident at all,

when driving through Cape Town or Kahilitsha, Paarl, Parow, Calvinia, Springbok, Vredenburg, as Port Elizabeth, but not just there.

In all our South African cities and even in rural areas, are risks by travelling a vehicle on public roads. Be aware that most accidents happen in your very near neighbourhood or on your daily way to or from work in your home town Middelburg, Graff-Reinet, Somerset - East or Somerset West, Grahamstown, Bisho, Zwelisha or East London, due to the facts that one who is very familiar with this routine, will not be on the alert level one should be.

You can minimise to be dragged into an auto collision, if you concentrate on the traffic, abide by the basic precautions and don't contribute negligent in driving, by let's say texting or telephoning behind the steering wheel.

But even if you live in other small towns or mayor cities such as Umlazi, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Potchefstroom, Port Elizabeth, Knysna, Krugersdorp, Oudtshorn, Mossel Bay or Worcester you have to be aware of the danger by making your trip.

Other road users may not be up to their best abilities, be drunk for example or driving a motor car that better should not be on the road, as it is not roadworthy and so poses risks to other motorists.

Just participate in local traffic within the towns and villages as Roberson, George, Kimberly, Rustenburg or Mabopane, you can be caught up in a vehicle crash at all times, despite you may drive carefully and respect the rules of the road. The other party is always even your risk.

Minimising the probability to be caught up in a road crash, especially in bustling cities such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Soweto, Germiston, Rustenberg, Welkom, Bloemfontein, Polokwane , Durban or Cape Town, where high volumes of motorist getting along all day, the risk to be involved in a car accident is much higher than just travelling in quieter areas as Klerksdorp or Mahikeng.

The best will be, if you are on high alert all the time you drive a motor car. Taking care of keeping proper following distances which is a very good measure not to be involved in car accidents,

when you on the roads of Kimberly, Queenstown, Beaufort West, Prieska, Upington, Vryburg, De Aar, Belfast, Bethlehem, Kroonstad , Harrysmith, Mabane, Nelspruit or Ermelo.

In huge metropolis as Johannesburg or Cape Town where you deal with rush hours when commuters get to and from work in the morning and evening hours, the danger to be trapped up in a motor car accident are explicitly higher as to other traffic times.

If you have been unlucky dragged into an auto accident caused by another one or more motorist who drove negligent, not abiding the rules of the road or even careless and subsequent suffered material damages to your motor car, you want that the liable party pay compensation you for losses.

Welcome to RAMLA - Insurance Matters

If you do have any problem with a South African Motor Insurance, Broker or Claim Adjuster in attending your claim, just let us support you.

Motor car accident disputes with the insurance companies, regarding a compensation claim, directed to SA motor insurance company, are common in South Africa. Lots and lots of claim disputes arise on a daily basis.

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car accident in South Africa
There are lots of terms on what reasons South African motor insurance companies reject, deny or repudiate to attend a damage claim.

Firstly seen, there are arguments citing a breach of the insurance terms, meaning the car insurance company tells you, that you failed to comply with one or another term of your policy duties. A breach of the motor insurance policy terms you can be accused of are, dishonesty or short payments, negligent behaviour that you violate the rules of the road by telephoning as driving, being under the influence of alcohol while driving, or having an not roadworthy vehicle illegally on the road, up to the argument that you are not a legitimate driver, or did not disclose that the vehicle is relocated from the area of your residence to another for a longer period of time and unfortunately much more.

car accident in South Africa
They say you have withheld them the opportunity to calculate the risk insured with you to the true circumstances and therefore reject the claim.

Facing an insurance dispute with a motor insurance and having the claim dismissed, which is an easy way for the car insurance claim negotiator in honouring his task to reduce compensation claims to the absolute minimum, by rejecting a claim at all, if there is the slightest possibility to do so.

We don't say that this is what you always need to expect from your insurance company, but as soon you are classified as a more severe risk, resulting out of claims before, it will be more likely facing them to get away from your new claim. A so called - good risk - if you did not claim before but paid the premiums for some time, will make the insurance company to be more generous not to look into all they probably can do, not to lose you as you are still deemed an acceptable risk.

Other car insurance problems that may lead to a dispute can easily be caused by the motor vehicle damage assessment. If the findings of the damage and stated in the assessment report are not correct, you need to oppose and combat the stated outcome. Most often the insurance company take the - often party friendly - findings of a vehicle assessment as basis for any settlement offer and frequently even reduce such numbers stated in the assessment report by standard approaches to certain percentages etc.

Luckily you don't need to accept all your or the insurance company of a 3rd party tells you, but you need to be prepared to repudiate the arguments brought forward and proof them wrong.

RAMLA handled lots of such claims for clients/members to be compensated full and fair.

Only a part of those insurance claim disputes are referred to the RSA ombudsman for short term insurance.

As the ombudsman can only deal with car insurance claims that arise out of a contractual - motor insurance policy - dispute between the insurance company and the insured and is not dealing with 3rd party insurance claims.

Due to a release from the ombudsmen's office, hundreds of claim disputes are coming in daily and times to attend an individual complaint became longer and longer. The same publication confirms that the ombudsman's office is understaffed to deal with the rising numbers of insurance claim disputes.

A noticeable number of motor insurance disputes cannot be dealt with by the ombudsman. These are the 3rd party claims where the victim claims from the perpetrator.

Any dispute that derives from a car accident claim against the liable party and/or the motor insurance company on behalf of the insured, to compensate the motor vehicle accident damages must be dealt with in the appropriate manner and according to the law applicable.

If your case will be one of those where the motor insurance company reject, deny or do not offer fair and full motor accident compensation, you should enter into a dispute resolution with the motor insurance company. But don't expect too much. It will be a hard and you need to be persistent.

This is by far not an amicable claim. Most differences with a South African motor insurance company are based on the findings of the motor insurance vehicle damage assessment. Lot of those party friendly damage assessments are not acceptable for the victim of an accident and can be caused on a number of issues dealt with in the motor vehicle damage assessment report.

If you find yourself in such a case, you should not hesitate to look for experienced support as it will be not a walk in the park to finally get the motor insurance pay what is fair and correct.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

To our experience the insurance claim negotiator or whatever the tittle will be, may be stubborn insisting on the position he is directed to follow, even if very obviously being wrong, the tactic is that you simply give up to end the saga and cut your losses.

But is that really the way to go, accepting a significant shortfall of compensation only to end the story?

You can always consider mandating RAMLA with your motor insurance claim dispute, for professional, effective and economically very favourite conditions.

Insurance companies offer you motor car insurance cover, to take over the risk for car accident damage compensation payments, when the insured is involved in a motor car crash.

When a motorist must compensate a 3rd party for auto accident damages or have to repair own vehicle damage, the insured can claim from his/her insurance policy according to the individual schedule.

There are a lot of different insurance companies in South Africa and all offering a variety of insurance cover, thought to different terms and condition in specified insurance tariffs.

Watching the insurance company's adverts offering its insurance cover, one must be under the impression that nothing is easier, cheaper and more favourable, as to have motor car insurance.

Indeed motor car insurance is a very useful tool, but the insured must be on alert all the time to keep all records up to date and always have the premiums paid in time.

Motor Vehicle Accident

car accident in South Africa
Facing challenges with motor car accident issues in South Africa?

RAMLA will be the solution,

demanding compensation, resolving disputes, defending against inflated or unreasonable claims,

in all sectors of vehicle accident damage compensation problems.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Claim rejected to alleged violation of terms and conditions regarding the motor insurance policy?

We are looking on the difficulties that may arise from the motor insurance contract, once a claim is launched, emanating from violations of terms & conditions. Kindly note that those difficulties only come onto the table, once a claim is reported and evaluated. Those difficulties won't be looked at, as long as premiums are paid and no claim is at stake, leaving the control and commitment to the terms of the policy to the insurance client.

This means literally, that there is little certainty about a valid motor insurance cover when it comes to claim evaluation. Only then, when it will be too late to change or report anything, the matter will be looked at. If an insured don't look onto the details in time, which may be the case with the reader, as this pages will only be visited once a problem already exist, the risks of having violated the terms & condition are present.

Possibilities to violate the conditions the insurance contract is based on are plenty and to be found in the details or small print of the contract.

RAMLA is a specialised expert in all MVA matters, claims, disputes (3rd party / comprehensive Insurance cover) and defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims, professional - affordable.    Contact RAMLA for your support to have a damage claim paid or defenced.      Contact     

One need to check his/her own terms of the motor insurance policy and study all those sections that tell you for example:

You are not covered for:

In terms of breach of the rules of the road we don't cover you for:

and there are plenty of rules that apply in the daily traffic to be obeyed.

You must inform the Insurer of some essentials .....

to calculate the active risk,
such as place of operation of the insured vehicle, the main driver of the vehicle, even in short terms, or other changes in the operation or parking facilities, i.e. if the security changes the car not parked enclosed etc.

All those matters don't excite an insured, as long as all goes to plan and no need being there to claim. But once a claim is at stake, those matters, don't relating the accident at all, can make the negative difference and create problems, need to be attended and where possible rebutted, so the claim may be paid, despite such minor violations.

car accident in South Africa        car accident in South Africa
Once an insurance claim is denied, repudiated or declined on these technical terms, it will be a challenging task to rebut or correct such decline, without a detailed knowledge of how the Insurer think, argues or act.

RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) does have such experience and knowledge and it can be a fruitful choice mandating RAMLA to find a solution.

The Insurer will appoint an Investigator, or utilise the damage Assessor, to look into the details, and commonly those findings or recommendations are the cornerstone a decline is based on. It must however be noted, that those investigations are not only sometimes flawed and with the correct argumentation and rebutting evidence some correction should be achieved.

Read more to Insurance Investigation - methods and practices by following the link below:

Declined: Investigations into the accident circumstances

car accident in South Africa   Your specialised expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

Alleged having violated Terms & Conditions in a Motor Insurance claim action.

Claim against own comprehensive motor insurance policy

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa
Dealing with motor insurance cover provided by a South African Motor Insurer can come with challenges. Some of them are to be found below, just follow the link.

Declined: Comprehensive cover - Claim rejected

Declined: Third party Claim - Claim rejected

Declined: Violation of terms & conditons according Insurance Policy

Declined: Policy cancelled alleged violated the terms & conditions

Declined: Investigations into the accident circumstances

Problem: Shortfall in settlement offer - Apportionment / Causation

Problem: Recovery Claim - Insurance paid client - Recuperation Action

Problem: Acceptance and Liability by offering paying Excess

Problem: Disputes in Insurance claims - Resolutions and Challenges

Solutions: Dispute Resolution with the Insurance Company

Solutions: Disputes against own policy, review with Ombudsman

Solutions: Disputes resolution by taking legal support

Headlines and Issues on other page
Declining or apportioning a claim for motor vehicle or car accident damages is just too easy. Any such decline or other disputes about the cause and liability for the traffic accident, may cause some problems to sort out. RAMLA is a specialised expert for MVA solutions sorting out or resolve problems which ever type they may be.

You are welcome to RAMLA. Login on to a web page and looking for information's how South African motor insurance companies act, indicates that you do have a problem already, with one of those companies.

Differences or disputes can arise easily and may be based on a lot of different aspects or factors.

Sometimes a compensation claim, to get your car accident damage paid for, may get alone smoothly and without hassles, but certainly a high number of disputes with South African insurance companies, arise on a day to day basis.

car accident in South Africa        car accident in South Africa

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car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Motor Car Accident, in South Africa?
You want your car accident damages being paid for and receive your material vehicle accident damage compensation for destructions, suffered in a traffic accident on South African roads?

You are welcome to contact RAMLA to receive free advice after a free accident fact check to determine your position.

Contact RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action), tell us your Motor Vehicle Accident story, the issues of concern, the problems you detect or face and get a free check and advice how to proceed. We will check and analyse your individual case and revert to you - most of the time in short circle -.

For best results contact us by email initially, give us an idea of the incident, attach one or two pictues of the damages or relevant situation, the extend or value of the damages suffered - if already assessed -.

In case of an Insurance claim decline, supply us with a copy of the repudidation letter, of give us the reason for the rejection and name the Insurance Company.

Should you like talking to us (phone contact displayed below), do that after the initial email briefing, but keep in mind even we need some time to check about your matter first.

You are welcome to utilise such valuable absolutely free inital advice. *

car accident in South Africa

RAMLA can be the solution in MVA matters

Do you know that RAMLA is a specialised expert in handling and enforcing or defending all kind of MVA (motor vehicle accident) matters, pursuing motor car accident compensation claims, Insurance dispute resolutions, for its clients - effective - professional - decisive and resolute, to best and affordable fees.

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

As you probably have recognised on our comprehensive web information platform, we do know what we are taking about.

We do invite anyone in South Africa, facing an MVA (motor vehicle accident) problem, to contact us for a first - free - analyse of your particular matter and get initial advice how to proceed.

As a specialist in traffic accident recovery actions, we act for clients/members in the relevant manner, but based on a paid mandate or membership, if a need of practical support arises.

We do offer a free first advice, to determinate your case and give you a direction how and what may be the way forward, in order to build confidence with a potential client.

As professional specialists, in charge of acting in motor accident damage claims in South Africa, we offer a well performing, decisive and demanding claim pursuit, at affordable fees.

  RAMLA will be your one-stop car accident claim service in South Africa

       motor car accident damage claim is complex             

When you need claim support for car accident damage compensation, in South Africa you are on the right web page.

It's so easy contacting us by email.

The effective way will be sending an email containing the nature, damage and problems detected. Once sent through to us, we will study the matter and after analysing the facts, we get back to you by email (most commonly within about 3 hours), with the result and advice,

- free of charge.

If you like to explain your problem to our claim manager on duty, you are welcome to contact us by phone for an initial briefing on cell 076 770 3179 (standard rates apply).

For best results: dont't just call, once you took notice of the opportunity!

First think what you like to get accross, best file it as email and call therafter.

For reasons to convince you not just calling immediately, please follow: how to contact RAMLA successfully.

It will be much more effective; if we do get a briefing of the matter via email, before a telephone call, so we will be prepared answering your questions.

Car accident compensation claims for damages, may cause some headache,

in South Africa.

RAMLA can be the solution to sort out MVA problems.

Not everything in a compensation action goes smooth and the way wanted, as we are confronted with numerous possible challenges.

RAMLA is a specialised expert in material car accident damage claims,

demanding, enforcing compensation actions, supporting disputes with Motor Insurance Companies or its agents, work in Ombudsman's review cases, or defend a motorist against unreasonable or inflated compensation claims.

Contact RAMLA to analyse your case, and get a free opinion where you stand and what to do next. You can contact RAMLA 7/24 and receive a response soon.

It's so easy, just e mail your story and attach what you got to make the RAMLA claim manager understand your problem.

Just draft a brief report of what had happen and send it (use this mail link) to RAMLA for free analyses and you will receive a reply soon.

Contact us now and let us know how we can help you?

car accident in South Africa

email us your story and details to ramla@ramla.co.za for a free first analyse and advice.

RAMLA offers full legal support to solve car accident claim, a comprehensive claim preparation and action to enforce compensation, all the way up to a court case.

Motor car insurance will at least give you some sort of security, but still entails a lot of factors to look on, for both claimant and insured

Motor insurance cover is a good thing to have, driving in public traffic. As we all know, a motor accident can occur anytime almost unexpected and comes with damages and hassles.

There are two major protection solutions in the market to safeguard a motorist against losses emanating from an auto accident. The one will be a 3rd party insurance cover, meaning that this cover can pay for damages you inflict to another party and being liable for the compensation.

The other option is a comprehensive motor insurance cover that protects even your own property, in case the other party does not pay, or even if you damage your vehicle without hurting another, but not intentionally triggered the damages.

There may be another benefit when you are properly insured, as most of the South African motor insurance companies take over a lot or all the work to sort out the compensation matter.

But unfortunately, by far not all motor insurance compensation claims ends up to the satisfaction of all and a lot of room for argumentation and/or denying claims are at stake, every single day.

The fact that even a high number of disputes, between clients and your own insurance company exists, can be drawn from the messages launched by the ombudsman for short term insurance (OSTI) offices, that daily some hundred claims reaches his offices, in need of review of decisions made by your comprehensive insurance company, you don't want to accept.

RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) is a specialist to solute any kind of motor accident damage problems, in South Africa.

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car accident in South Africa        car accident in South Africa

You found the RAMLA web pages by research for answers as you probably do have any kind of problems with motor car accidents in South Africa. The comprehensive web offer will give you a lot of inside and you should look on the   Keyword Search    for the selection of the topping you want to know about.

Let me say, that dealing with road accident compensation matters is not always easy and it can be of advantage for you to get active RAMLA claim support to sort out what is on stake, professional decisive, convenient and most affordable.

Please find more information to select from below:


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Towing any vehicle to safety, after a traffic accident, will be ideal to promote RAMLA highly economical and outstanding claim service to enable the party to claim or defend for material motor car damage compensation, and take part in RAMLA rewards program.

Conditions for free first claim analyses: RAMLA offers first free analyses of your motor accident case, in order to enhance your confidence. Therefore some data and material will be needed to submit to RAMLA for an individual reply. In such circumstances, RAMLA will have the free copyright to publish case information and of photographs on our web pages, designed to inform others about real instances, without exposing your private data.

The content of the RAMLA web pages has been put together with outmost care and will be improved constantly. The information given is designed as information platform to solve motor car accidents problems in South Africa. Any advice taken from the web pages or drawn from a free first analyse of your individual case, does not constitute any legal advice.

RAMLA cannot be held liable for any damages on whatever reasons out of the above, if the information given will be wrong, incomplete or misinterpreted.

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Conditions: for free first claim analyses: RAMLA offers first free analyses of your motor accident case, in order to enhance your confidence. Therefore some data and material will be needed to submit to RAMLA for an individual reply. Under
such circumstances, RAMLA will have the free copyright to publish case information and of photographs on our web pages, designed to inform others about real instances, without exposing your private data.

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