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car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Car accident damage claim enforcement

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Insurance claim declines or dismissal

Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims

Support pursuit in any MVA matters, in South Africa

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We are car accident damage compensation recovery specialists

as well as experts to defend against unreasonable or inflated claims.

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You do have an issue with any kind of Car Accident claims, disputes, rejected claims or the need of enforcing your traffic accident compensation, in South Africa?

RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa

RAMLA is a specialised legal Expert in regard to Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of experts work decisive, swift and economically affordable, to solve car accident issues.

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car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

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Motor car road traffic accident damage recovery, is what our subject is all about.

Below please find some issues and occurrences of common interest, listed and linked.

Car accident issues that matters most:

      facilitating a claim

claim against the liable party causing the car accident   enforcing full and fair compensation . . .
     insured driver/owner

     not insured motorist

     3rd party claim

     reluctant party

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

   value of damages

   Calculation of damages

   Quote or assessing

   severe damage -
      write off - total loss,
      scrap, salvage

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

   Insurance claim evaluation, decline, dispute


   3rd party claim

   comprehensive claim

      violation of terms (t&c)

      in regard to investigations

   declined claim

   insuficient settelement


   Precedent / case law

   Defend Recovery Action


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Car accident damages as result of a traffic collision, always gives task and commonly hassles, unless one do have a compressive motor insurance cover that lives up to the promises made.

But unfortunately, that's not always the matter and if ordinary South African motorists are asked, if they believe and trust a valid claim is a guaranteed matter, one will hear a number, if not the majority of those questioned, doubting that it will be so.

car accident in South Africa   Your specialised expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

         Issues with South African Motor Insurance companies

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Should a matter be taken to a court of law?

Most commonly the overwhelming number of disputes or claims can be solved in pre-litigation, but if no amicable solution can be found, matters sometimes need the escalation to a court of law to be solved.

It should be noted, that most of the deciders of claims, (insurance claim admins, claim evaluators or technicians, however called and other representatives, regularly do have no certified legal competences.

This means the decisions made to either accept or deny a claim are performed by persons with experience, but often not applying a legal background, taking all facts in consideration, but all too often rely on party statements, without a check on the balance of probabilities if that point of view may represent the correct situation, or act biased as to benefit schemes or other incentives, declining claims to cut down on compensation pay-outs.

Approaching a court of law give the certainty to have the case evaluated to the laws prevailing in accordance with the particular applicable situation, and after analysing the parties written arguments exchanged in the pleading phase of the trial, hearing the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as witnesses and thereafter the judicial officer will come to a decision, making it an order of court.

It is obviously clear, that such comprehensive analytic process will be by far better, than just accept an unjust decision of a person in charge, neglecting the basics of fairness to look onto a claim unbiased.

It may therefore be fairly well to accept the initial costs, coming with a legal action in a court of law, but given the evidence is supportive enough to convince the court on the basis of probabilities to decide in favour of the party, to get compensation and a refund of costs necessary to pursue the claim in court.


car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa


Issues of legal interest

  More Issues of high interest


Free accident fact check

Elementary Traffic Duties / Rules

  Defending against a legal claim

   Negligence, Causation, Culpa

Risks and Chances
in a compensation claim

Documentation needed
preparing a claim

       Evidence - Facts - Merits

Calculating the Value
of damages

Acknowledgement of Liability
Settlement Agreements

   Quantum of Liability -          Apportionment
Dispute Reselution

Liability of Car Owner
and Vicarious Liability

Employed Car Driver
and Vicarious Liability
Employer and Employee

Expert Witness
in a dispute of facts

Accident Witness and Testimony

Affidavit - Commissioner of Oath

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The right attorney
Specialized Attorneys
How Attorney claims
Attorney Costs
Attorney Tariffs

Find a local Lawyer
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Other Issues in the Sector of:

Damage Assessment
Legal Service
Insurance Matters
Claim Collection Service
Repair Service

Free accident fact check

If you are involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more.

face the challenge - Let's Claim

The RAMLA web pages are designed to supply you with valuable information's to sort out material motor car accident compensation cases occurred in a traffic collision on South African roads.

Involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do?

You will find a lot information that can help you to claim for damages or to deal with disputed motor insurance claims and even to defend you, if you face an inflated high and unreasonable claim against you.

On your way looking for a professional car accident damage assessment, to quantify and calculate your traffic accident damages occurred one of the provinces of South Africa,

Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape - Western Cape -

you found the RAMLA web pages giving you some ideas about the pro and cons of an independent damage investigation and what you should look on to get a reliable accident damage report, helping you to proof the material claim, against the liable party or the motor insurance company.

Even if you are located in one of the mayor cities of the country such as Cape Town - Bloemfontein - Johannesburg - Soweto - Pretoria - Polokwane - Durban - East London - Port Elizabeth - or in the wider areas around those cities or wherever in the county you are,

RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) can support you with various service options nationwide.

Working with RAMLA will of course be the most comfortable and economic support in pursuit of a legal compensation claim, whether against a 3rd party or directed to any motor insurance company in South Africa.

Motor car accidents happen on a daily basis, and in all the South African provinces, wherever you are, in Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape or in the Western Cape.

In the several provinces you find differences in the level of risks, according to traffic density, conditions of the roads, day and night times, weather conditions and many more.

A motor car accident rarely does happen just out of one singular fault. Mostly more influential factors and other negligent actions must get together causing a traffic accident at all,

when driving through Cape Town or Kahilitsha, Paarl, Parow, Calvinia, Springbok, Vredenburg, as Port Elizabeth, but not just there.

In all our South African cities and even in rural areas, are risks by travelling a vehicle on public roads. Be aware that most accidents happen in your very near neighbourhood or on your daily way to or from work in your home town Middelburg, Graff-Reinet, Somerset - East or Somerset West, Grahamstown, Bisho, Zwelisha or East London, due to the facts that one who is very familiar with this routine, will not be on the alert level one should be.

You can minimise to be dragged into an auto collision, if you concentrate on the traffic, abide by the basic precautions and don't contribute negligent in driving, by let's say texting or telephoning behind the steering wheel.

But even if you live in other small towns or mayor cities such as Umlazi, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Potchefstroom, Port Elizabeth, Knysna, Krugersdorp, Oudtshorn, Mossel Bay or Worcester you have to be aware of the danger by making your trip.

Other road users may not be up to their best abilities, be drunk for example or driving a motor car that better should not be on the road, as it is not roadworthy and so poses risks to other motorists.

Just participate in local traffic within the towns and villages as Roberson, George, Kimberly, Rustenburg or Mabopane, you can be caught up in a vehicle crash at all times, despite you may drive carefully and respect the rules of the road. The other party is always even your risk.

Minimising the probability to be caught up in a road crash, especially in bustling cities such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Soweto, Germiston, Rustenberg, Welkom, Bloemfontein, Polokwane , Durban or Cape Town, where high volumes of motorist getting along all day, the risk to be involved in a car accident is much higher than just travelling in quieter areas as Klerksdorp or Mahikeng.

The best will be, if you are on high alert all the time you drive a motor car. Taking care of keeping proper following distances which is a very good measure not to be involved in car accidents,

when you on the roads of Kimberly, Queenstown, Beaufort West, Prieska, Upington, Vryburg, De Aar, Belfast, Bethlehem, Kroonstad , Harrysmith, Mabane, Nelspruit or Ermelo.

In huge metropolis as Johannesburg or Cape Town where you deal with rush hours when commuters get to and from work in the morning and evening hours, the danger to be trapped up in a motor car accident are explicitly higher as to other traffic times.

If you have been unlucky dragged into an auto accident caused by another one or more motorist who drove negligent, not abiding the rules of the road or even careless and subsequent suffered material damages to your motor car, you want that the liable party pay compensation you for losses.

Car accident lawyers and professional claim managers to analyse, support and pursue your material car accident claim, effective and economical, nationwide in South Africa.

You will find a lot of useful information on the RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) web pages.


RAMLA offer You:

Free initial claim evaluation

car accident in South Africa

Free case analysis

RAMLA offers a first free analyse into the details of a particular motor car accident, in order advising what will be your position, your aspects and the recommended way forward.

After checking the brief information - we like you to supply us with via email,- in order to determine the situation, especially the question of causation, liability and subsequent responsibility for compensation under South African traffic legislation and circumstances.

In cases of a motor insurance disputes, we look onto the merits and the reasons leading to the dispute, in order to advise.

What is needed to do so and best submitted via email to will be:

1. Brief information what had happened, the road situation, arguments others may utilise, your position/point of view of the matter, you look for initial advice.

2. A reference to damages and values are appreciated or one or two pictures of the damage may be submitted, so we can check about the rough damage value.

3. Probably a sketch of the scene of the accident, showing all the vehicles involved in positions - before - at impact - after impact (still stand) and further display important road marks, traffic signs, robots etc.

Kindly make sure you give us your initial briefing in your own words and don't just forward a full set of dispute information to be scrutinised, as this isn't part of the free advice offer.

Please further make sure your attaches do have a reasonable size, especially pictures, as some devices today take exorbitant and absolutely unnecessary high resolution pitures.

Contact RAMLA by following this email link   Contact   and secure a swift and free first advice, returned to you by email.

Should you want to know before you contact? Follow this link to   more info.

car accident in South Africa


The South African law in a motor car accident damage claim . . .

stipulates, a motorist that negligently and wrongfully hit another motor car, causing the traffic accident, must compensate the other victims for damages to the vehicle or property, to the extent and state as the vehicles condition has been, before the vehicle accident.

If you are involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more.
The procedures to be followed, demanding and enforcing car accident compensation, are commonly known as 3rd party claim, in South Africa.

Once accident matters or circumstances are analysed the case will be prepared, demanded and pursuit.

One of the main obstacles in a vehicle accident damage compensation claim obviously will be the matter of possible disputes.

Talking about the law, regarding solving differences that accrues from material car accident damages, the source is the common law of South Africa, the applicable traffic legislation and the developed schemes applied in a court of law over time, solving civil differences.

Additionally there is the National Traffic Act, 1996 stipulating some essentials applicable to motor car accidents occured in public traffic.

Solutions to car accidents in South Africa

The initial obligations burden on any motorists if involved in a traffic accident on public roads are outlined in the National Traffic Act, 1996 at section 61. (1) - Source Government of South Africa.

This section tells you what the participants at least have to do when ever tangled by a car accident, as to report the accident, exchange personal data etc.

Enforcing of your material compensation will be a matter according to common/civil law.

It will be of high advantage to have someone on side, knowing the law and the wide ranging implications applying in motor accident disputes, being able to follow the procedures and solve the compensation claim positively.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

When does it make sense claiming for motor car damage compensation?

1. To all times, if it's regarded as a principle, not let getting the perpetrator away who harms another, without consequences. This implies the question of economic matters is secondary to the principle.

2. If a claim exceed a certain amount in relation to cost for demand and pursuit of the matter and the claimant will not be able doing it in own capacity, but prepared spending a smaller portion of compensation, which may be lost entirely, if no action will be taken.

In figures it may imply that no claim for car accident damages, less than for the compensation of R 10 000.00 will vindicate any external claim support, coming with costs. A claim below R 18 000.00 can be directed to the small claims courts, which proceeds matters relatively quick and very affordable, but need the participation of the claimant.

A claim higher than the threshold for the small claims court, above R 20 000.00 very well deserves an enforcement, at least before matters eventually needs to be taken to a court of law.

Any damages higher than R 60 000.00 or any shortfall in motor insurance offers in this range, should be taken on, to all times.
car accident in South Africa
RAMLA - Road accident management & Legal Action, does offer a very competitive if not unbeaten claim service, acting for the recovery of car accident damages, in South Africa.

We do offer a low flat rate as once off fee, which covers all we do in pre-litigation, starting with case evaluation, preparation, demand and pursuit.

If a matter cannot be solved before legal actions in a court of law in the country, RAMLA takes the matter further, to the lowest costs available in the court schemes, which effectively means, if a case is won, all or most of those costs will be recoverable and recuperated from the liable party.

That in fact means, a RAMLA client just deposits the estimate expenses and once costs are taxed and enforced, such will be paid back to the client.

Its definitely one of the best claim options we do know on offer in South Africa and if all will be as predicted, the matter has been pursuit nearly free of costs.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Proper motor car accident documentation is the solution!

Never forget, the documentation of your motor car accident in South Africa is very essential in order to proof your legitimate assert to claim.

RAMLA sees a lot of such documentations and most often photographs are taken, but unfortunately the direct scene of the impact - the situation as the cars come to a final still stand - is most often missing.

It may be, that others being helpful and acting to clean the scene of the accident are a bit too quick, to get the traffic flow running again and get the obstacles to safety, somewhere on the sides, before just quickly take some important photographs.

Please be aware that the photographic evidence just to this time can be the major plus point in the proof of your claim.

RAMLA offers you full legal support and additional claim preparation measures.

It is highly recommended that you should not underestimate this crucial part to support a claim for compensation, as you have to prove your car accident damage claim by any and all means, even if you suffer damage and probably have some hassle to get the matter going.

Make sure that you have the following minimum requirements when starting to pursue a claim:

1.   Accident Report

2.   Your own notes

3.   Photographs

4.   Details of all participants

5.   Witness details

6.   Notes on relevant issues,
       like business data
       if the driver is an employee

7.   A sketch of the accident

8.   Proper quotations that will
       include everything to repair
       your damage

Make sure you try to describe the wider area of the scene, and look out for any specialities, road traffic signs and what may be of importance, i.e. take a photo of break marks, debris and the people are party to the accident, including the passengers in any car involved.

If you have at least all this information, and if it is correct and verified that it is true (even the address and telephone details), you will have done the initial work.

Now it is on you to decide how to process the matter - either do it yourself, claim with an attorney or mandate a professional car accident claim manager such as RAMLA to claim effectively and economically. There are several ways to utilise RAMLA claim support.

You can use the outstanding RAMLA claim service, even if you are not a member yet.

Submit your accident documentation for initial review by RAMLA claim service, and receive comments and recommendations, absolutely free.

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Please find more information to select from below:


Please find some correlated matters:

What you must know - Insurance related

Proof your damage

Full and fair compensation

RAMLA can support your claim

Involved in a car accident in South Africa, RAMLA can help you.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Motor Vehicle Accident

We offer the solution in Car Accident matters, analysing, supporting, demanding, corresponding, negotiating, settlement agreements and further taking matters to a court of law in South Africa, if no amicable solution could be found, in pre-litigation, to best favourable conditions in a professional and decisive routine.

car accident in South Africa
Facing challenges with motor car accident issues in South Africa?

RAMLA will be the solution,

demanding compensation, resolving disputes, defending against inflated or unreasonable claims,

in all sectors of vehicle accident damage compensation problems.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Motor vehicle accidents happens every day on public roads, often causing damages to property

Utilise the affordable professional solutions RAMLA offers clients in South Africa, to solve such repercussions.

 car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

We do have the expertise and know how to act for you.

Experience exceptional service, testified by clients, even after hours or weekends, giving you a peace of mind your case is taken care off, no matter what.

car accident in South Africa  

Your specialised legal expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

RAMLA   -  Road Accident Management & Legal Action

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa
Solution's solving MVA problems

The Law of Delict in South Africa - Chances and Risks in a claim for motor car accident damage compensation.

Claims for compensation caused by damages in motor vehicle accidents, under South African legislation, are regularly based on the Law of Delict

The law of delict is governing damages or harm, negligently imposed by one to others, with no contractual or personal relationship:

- here in regard to an ordinary car accident, one person not most often not even known before did something wrong and perhaps even unlawful, which lead to harm or damages, the other haven't accepted to happen before, i.e. in a contract or other understandings.

In other words, one cause harm/damage to another, which isn't welcome or wanted by receiver of damage.

Under delictual law, one must initally proof the other had acted negligent, in order to win a compensation case.

Without proof of negligence, there isn't a case to win.

car accident in South Africa RAMLA can help clients in all MVA matters to solve problems professionally, claims, disputes (3rd party / comprehensive Insurance cover), review of declines with the Ombudsman (OSTI) and defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims, professional - affordable.    Contact RAMLA for your support to have a damage claim paid or defenced.      Contact     

Risk and Chances winning or losing a claim, are directly linked to evidence, proof and facts, which are the cornerstones, for any success, in a claim recovering losses for motor accident damages.

Winning a disputed motor accident compensation claim will not be a magic matter, rather than the result of careful documentation and professional knowledgeable enforcement, which meets and overcome the legal challenges.

There may be cases being as clear in regard of liability, accompanied by facts, that the claimant will easily be successful. As the facts are clear and the question of negligence and culpa can be answered positively and without doubt and therefore most likely not be disputed by another party, a win can be predicted.

Anyhow there are lot of situations in road accident cases, where those questions of liability and the portion or degree of responsibility and the quantum of damages cannot be answered simply.

This will commonly mean, expert knowledge is requested in order building a strong case and legal arguments engaged into, convincing the adversary party accepting a claim.

At this stage it is important to know and accept, that no demanding party can force another party accepting any claim voluntarily, as no Party, Attorney or other Legal Representative nor any Insurance company, can be forced accepting claims against them.

Only a court of law does have such powers, after a case been formulated and heard.

The major phases in a legal claim for car accident compensation in an action in a Court of Law:

    Pre Litigation/Demand    negotiating out of court

- Motor vehicle accident damage compensation claim demand

    Pleading and Litigation    heard in court

- Action in a court of law recovering auto accident damages, RSA

A number of defensive arguments can be utilised within the demand phase, which may initially lead to a claim repudiation or decline. This needs to be addressed in a legal action in court, so the judge/magistrate can hear the matter and eventually will make a ruling/judgement.

Issues such as contributable negligence - or having contributed negligently for the cause of the accident - is an argument, quickly applied by a party or motor insurance company, in order shifting the burden or at least distribute parts of liability to more than one motorist.

Having a positive claim or a strong case, in the attempt of recovery of damages to the vehicle or property, emanating from a traffic collision, the facts or merits must be proven, on a balance of probabilities.

Traffic accidents, on public roads we all know, will hit us very much unprepared and most suddenly. After the initial obligate check, looking if all persons are well and not injured, and if one or more found wounded, helping with any possible first aid and especially calling the ambulance.

This is an elementary duty of all motorists, before you can shift your focus to check on damages to motor vehicles involved in the accident.

car accident in South Africa   Your specialised expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

Factors in a claim for motor accident compensation:

Car accident claim in pre-litigation - out of court

Litigation in a court of law, seeking an independent decision

Lacking documentation or evidence, photographs, witnesses or data

The performance of your legal adviser or representative/attorney

Time barriers in procedures, with insurance companies or in a court

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa
Bad research or presentaition of content and evidence

Insufficient proof and evidence for the cause of the car accident

A claim must be proven on a balance of probabilities

Bad cooperation with other parties involved, such as witnesses

Improper checked or formulated agreements in pursuit of the action

Power of Attorney to be represented in MVA claim matters

Auto accident in South Africa      Car accident in South Africa

Headlines and Issues on this page

Car accident claim in pre-litigation

Being compelled to pursuit a motor car accident damage claim against another party, who caused the traffic accident and recovering damages, in pre-litigation means the tasks and actions that must be taken, preparing and demanding compensation finding a settlement, before a matter must go to a court of law, in South Africa.

The unavoidable tasks in pre-litigation are, gathering data and information how the accident unfolded, which participating car drivers did what, contributing to the impact. The relevant personal and residential as well as contact information etc. are needed and must be verified, including those being potential witnesses. The damages to the property or motor vehicles must be assessed and a report or repair calculation be obtained.

Once such data that forms the basis for evidence, are up to standard, building a strong case, the analysis of liability, negligence and causation must be looked on.

A proper demand must be filed and served to the party sued for paying compensation for the car accident damages. Such demand should reveal all the relevant allegations, proof thereof and list damages. It will be important having proof of service of the demand to the other party.

Once, all that has been done successfully, depending on the reaction of the other party, correspondence and exchange of further arguments and evidence might be at stake. The ultimate goal will be finding an agreeable or acceptable settlement.

All what must be done in pre litigation will be a complex matter and no legal action in a court of law can be launched without the preparation and demand of the claim, before.

RAMLA is a specialist in performing pre litigation tasks for clients seeking compensation for motor vehicle accident damages in South Africa. We offer an all in one service option, for an affordable and capped fee, but not limited to actions and performance. That is what one need to be successful in a motor car accident claim, directed to a motor insurance company or to the perpetrator.

car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

Litigation in a court of law, seeking an independent decision

Given the fact, that all efforts to find a settlement in terms of car accident damage compensation pay, in pre litigation - all before legal action in a court of law - failed and the evidence and claim value allow or compel for legal actions, the steps forward are regulated by the rules of the courts.

The action regularly starts with the service of a summons, after a proper demand. The sued person/company or institution will have the option to accept or deny the claim or otherwise will be in default, once missing out to act in time and manner set out in the summons.

All parties do have some stringent duties and opportunities, from the moment of issuing and service of the action.

Documents may be exchanged and requests made, until a Defence Plea need to be filed and served. The claimant thereafter do have the possibility to get on further with the claim or withdraw it, should the defensive evidence indicates to be appropriate, and it won't be advisable to go on with the action.

Some more detailed action can follow, before a date for a hearing will be set.

The hearing will give the parties the opportunity to support the evidence laid out in the pleading phase, in front of the judge, magistrate or presiding officer, witness can be heard etc., unless the trial comes to be due for judgement.

Depending on the issues on dispute, the matter take its course, as expert witnesses may be called, eyewitnesses be heard etc. Once the final pleas of all the parties are given, the judge will analyse all before him/her, and a judgement be announced after closing of arguments.

The judgement will be binding to all parties, as long as not an appeal is launched to a higher court instance within the jurisdiction.

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car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

Lacking of documentation and evidence, photographs or witnesses, can have a negative impact in a compensation action.

Once the motor accident scene is secured and it has been cared for injured persons, it's the time the cause of the vehicle accident and the material damages, will get into the focus of participants.

If will be important now, while still at the scene of the accident and taking pictures, making notes and collect other evidence needed, in order to answer questions in a pursuit of a compensation claim, very best before clearing the scene and before moving the cars to side etc, documenting the impact in detail and capture damages from all motor vehicles involved, and debris, break marks etc.

Some motorists are too quick in clearing the scene, despite its much understandable to move traffic obstacles away, for safe passage for other vehicles traveling the road.

There will be always a small moment for a photograph - showing the cars in the position after the accident, even if a police officer demand to clean up the scene, not blocking other stream of traffic and restore for free flow of motor cars.

It will be to this time, the moments at the scene of the car accident, when car drivers involved in the crash do have the opportunity and assemble the basic evidence, needed for a legal representative or adviser building a strong case for the recovery of vehicle damages.

Adhering to the advice given, and ensure having a good case documentation, will be the first step minimise your risk in a claim for recovery of damage to property or motor car, brighten the chances for a successful case.

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               Contact RAMLA . . .   for your free initial case analyse   Now
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When you need support to claim professional and very economically RAMLA may be the best choice          

What can RAMLA do for you - Check now!

When you need support to claim professional and very economically RAMLA may be the best choice

The performance of your legal adviser or representative/attorney

Performance and engagement, careful but swiftly actions, are crucial factors in success of a claim for motor accident damages.

Your legal adviser of choice, should engage and being interested in your individual matter, have some understanding in processing cases of motor vehicle accident matters, i.e. how South African motor insurance companies may act, or the Ombudsman's review procedure works, as well as having specialised knowledge about perhaps fabricated defence arguments or circumventing strategies, applied by some motorists and of course the Insurance admin, not always being fair and correct.

The legal representative should be prepared to find a solution, even before just file and serve a summons, and demand a solution out of court first. By far not all MVA compensation actions need to be brought before a court of law.

A legal claim for car accident damage recovery, taken to a South African court of law, and not handled or dealt with decisively, can take forever. It will always be advisable, doing the best and finding a solution, resolving a claim before a court of law must be approached.

A number of South African lawyers or legal advisers and attorneys, are not specialised in motor law or delictual liability. Next to the knowledge of the legal process, the experience in MVA matters are essentials, in analysing causation or culpa, recklessness, negligence or wrongfulness driving.

However such will be the foundation for good chances winning or getting a case for compensation accepted, by the party deemed being causal and the liable one.

As the author of this specialised and comprehensive MVA web info platform, RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action - is specialised in motor crash damage recovery. RAMLA exclusively works in the field of delictual liability in motor law and enforcement of damage compensation to property or vehicle distruction, caused in a car accident, in South Africa.

Certainly we defend clients against unreasonable or inflated claims, as professional as claiming damages.

RAMLA do have the decisive attitude, sometimes needed to get forward with reluctant motorist or motor insurance companies, attempting getting away from compensation payment for car accident damages and furthermore, RAMLA offers perfect service for affordable fees, due to operating a dedicated business model, holding overhead costs low, so being able offering such decisive and professional performance for very reasonable low fees.

It must further be understood, that even the best legal advice and support, can only be successful, once your attorney or legal adviser, do have full information of all relevant aspects of your particular traffic accident and complete and correct.

One of the outstanding benefits, that RAMLA offers to its clients/members, managing and win a claim for car accident compensation, is just supporting it the right way and avoid the risk factors and implications, actively pursuing your claim, after improving the full spectrum of claim evidence and proof, before a legal claim is finally formulated and issued.

A local attorney will regularly not support you in such extent, in gathering or refining your proof. He focuses and concentrate, on the legal procedures, to enforce the accident claim in a court of law, as that is the business.

It is one of RAMLA's most important tasks to manage, prepare and demand a settlement in the pre-litigation phase of a claim, to avoid long term and very costly court cases. Just processing a claim correctly in court does not automatically mean that you will win the motor car accident case.

RAMLA car accident claim management approaches a compensation case in a more holistic manner to solve the problems. You will be positively surprised when you compare how RAMLA manage and pursue a damage compensation claim in South Africa, with the way that others will do.

RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action

car accident in South Africa

Get a unbiased and intially free reply to your inquiry where you are and what is the way forward - free of charge - just to enhance confidence trusting RAMLA expertise, before you mandate us.

if you want be paid compensation for yor car accident damages or in a need to defend you against unreasonalbe or inflated claims,

Contact us NOW

RAMLA is a specialist in motor accident damage recovery claims. Our team can help you through the process and minimise trouble affecting you in a claim.

Time barriers in procedures, with insurance companies or in a court of law

Time barriers can come in various forms in a claim, for or against motor accident damage compensations. The parties in a compensation claim are entitled to set time lines for responses or presenting evidence, before they take the next step in the legal process.

Terms & conditions in motor insurance policies, can have contractual time frames and linked duties. As a motor insurance policy is a private contract, according to civil law of South Africa, all the parties are bound to those conditions. Failing to honour the set terms, can lead or entitle the other to withdraw certain or all liabilities, only on reason of violating the conditions agreed upon.

Time barriers in legal procedures in an action in a court of law, and there are plenty, can lead losing out in a claim, just on those technicalities. The results can be devastating and end up with a judgement in default, enabling the party applying for a writ of execution and later a garnishee order and execute against the other party's property or income.

Missed time barriers can even lead a party to have essential arguments barred or excluded from procedures, with the possible effect that the claim goes wrong.

Any person or party involved in a claim for motor accident compensation must be aware of such technicalities or need capable advice or representation.

But no person, Insurer, Attorney or party can thread another with time barriers successfully, as only a court of law, or the regulations and the procedures in contracts, such as insurance policies, being private terms and conditions, can do so effectively.

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car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

Bad research or presentaition of content and evidence

It must certainly be clear, that lack in factual evidence will not make a good or strong case.

Matters and circumstances, in a situation of traffic accidents are important, being able presenting evidence and sustain arguments and facts, proving what had happened.

The documentation of the scene of the accident is one of the information, crucial in a case. Certain road conditions, traffic signs or road marks at the scene, should not be ignored, as such can show the regulations a car driving in the particular area, may have violated.

Arguments, like skipping a red robot or a stop street alone can be a problem, if not sustained. That can be done by witness statements, always a good support in an action, but certainly photographs will even give indications of what happened, given taken on the scene before removing the vehicles.

But sometimes even the documentation of vehicle destruction can tell a useful story.

In today's time, more and more traffic intersections are equipped with Surveillance Cameras, which may have captured the particular accident. It will always be good, checking about such facilities, right at the time of the accident, in order to get footage released.

Even the neighbourhood should be scrutinised, if any such cameras may be installed somewhere, possibly within the vector to have captured some evidence.

A recording is a perfect tool and a valuable asset supporting a claim.

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car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

Insufficient proof and evidence for the cause of the car accident, needs to be improved.

In the course of the pursuit of a motor car or traffic accident for damage compensation, arguments will be exchanged, either verbally or in written correspondence.

As all correspondence will or can have significance, so it's highly recommended to correspond in writing, or at least confirm a telephonically conversation and the content thereof, in writing to the other person or party, thereafter.

Proof and evidence of circumstances or cause, must come from somewhere, and cannot be just alleged. Documents, statements, sketches or photographs, as well as correspondence will be the basis of proof and evidence.

Being successful in a claim, it will be a prerequisite that the question of causation and negligence can be decided on. The facts and evidence will often be applied in a test, known of that of a "reasonable man".

It means in general, that a reasonable man (car driver) would have taken some essential precaution and measures, preventing a motor collision at all. Only if a motorist can claim, having applied all a reasonable man would have done to prevent a collision, or have been compelled to do by the legislation, and still not reasonable being able avoiding an impact, can claim not been negligent and therefore not liable so subsequent entitled to be compensated for material damages.

Enabling somebody knowledgeable or being a learnt member of the judiciary, especially a learnt judge or magistrate, needs such proof and evidence to come to a decision.

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car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

A claim in court, must be proven on a balance of probabilities

Once it comes to deal with a dispute in a South African court of law, the ultimate need for the parties in the claim will be, to show and proof negligence with the evidence provided, which will be successful if the balance of probabilities are in one parties favour.

Balance of probability does mean, the weight of evidence will at least be slightly in favour of one party, as the facts and testimony's will till the scale in favour of one party.

It isn't necessary to proof a claim beyond reasonable doubt, which will be the case in any criminal matter, before a party can be found guilty.

In that way, the proof on the balance of probabilities will be easier to achieve as a conviction in criminal matters, but still need to have the critical weight to till the scale in the direction wanted.

Therefore all is dependent on the quality of facts and proof presented in court.

car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

Reluctant Parties not engage or participate for a car accident damage compensation solution.

Bad cooperation with other parties involved, such as witnesses, driver or even car owners vicariously liable

As it will, or should be the aim of any motorist or party in a process, sorting out car accident damages or destruction to property, as consequential damage emanating from traffic accidents, finding a cooperative and amicable way to solve differences.

In praxis this goes wrong in many cases, due to several possibilities. Reluctant motorist in an attempt to get away from liability and pay for damages, apply different measures of defence, fabricating argumentation or even hiding away, not taking calls or reply to correspondence.

It had been proven, that such behaviour will make it hard or even very hard to get the matter resolved.

Once detecting or suspecting such attempts, it should be taken as a warning sign, that the matter will not be or end up amicable.

However as it is the legal right of anyone, not just to buy in a claim provided with, it will not be very amusing for another suffered damages, negligently caused by another. Compensation is what is wanted and needed.

It must be repeated, that no one, no Attorney at law, no Insurance Company claiming recovery, or any party can compel another to correspond or react as demanded. Only a court of law has the power to do so.

Some people caused damage to another, do know about the challenges and hassle, another might face in instituting legal actions against him/her, looking or hoping escape liability and not pay for car accident damages, as the other may find the hurdles too high and costly to overcome, therefore just give up on compensation

But there are always opportunities and good arguments not to let that happen easily. Check out the RAMLA service offers, professional competent but affordable.

Another important factor requiring a good atmosphere and cooperation will be that of the relationship to potential witnesses.

Positive witnesses will be a major support, in any disputed car accident claim.

Unfortunately the obligations a witness may face testifying, can have some workload or time being contributed.

Affidavits, even prepared properly, must still be singed in front of and stamped by a commissioner of oath. The witness supporting the case must anticipate, that if the matter cannot be resolved in pre-litigation, must testify in a court of law.

Not all South Africans are in favour of attending court cases in person, being questioned or cross examined as a witness.

Maintaining a good relationship with a potential witness and make it easy for them testifying will help. But once it becomes clear that the witness will not be in support of the action, if it will even be necessary they will be needed testifying in a court of law.

Having a positive testimony the witness should not just say, I can't remember anymore. But having a good relationship it may go on well.

Bad or reluctant testimony will lead to incalculable results, and precaution been taken that this should not happen. Remember, only a credible witness will be a suitable one.

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car accident in South Africa      car accident in South Africa

Improper checked or formulated agreements in the pursuit of the legal action in a claim

Risk in a claim for material car accident compensation are to be found in agreements, such as settlement contracts, agreement of losses, or other kind of binding actions in or on the way for compensation pay-out.

There are little possibilities predicting what may go wrong or not, as all such documents considered to be signed, will have a different content or background.

The general rule however will be, is the proposed contract to your satisfaction or at least can you accept the content, in terms of compensation, but even on conditions and not regretting singing, just little later.

There are a variety of obstacles that can come across in such a proposed contract. Yes, a settlement agreement between parties will constitute a contract, and must be adhered to, as long no party is in breach.

Once concluding the contract in good faith, only a few take account of the possibility the other will fail to fulfil. If the contract don't provide for what will be the case if a contract is at breach, there is little as to start from scratch, or even being prohibited exercising rightful steps or cementing at least a compensation value, agreed upon even if not honoured by the other.

Once in doubt or rightly just sceptical, contact someone for advice or revising the document, before signing off.

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

Motor Car Accident, in South Africa?
Want your car accident damages being paid for and receive your material vehicle accident damage compensation for destructions, suffered in a traffic accident on South African roads?

You are welcome to contact RAMLA to receive free advice after a free accident fact check to determine your position.

Contact RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action), tell us your Motor Vehicle Accident story, the issues of concern, the problems you detect or face and get a free check and advice how to proceed.

We will check and analyse your individual case and revert to you - most of the time in a short circle of time.

For best results contact us by email initially, give us an idea of the incident, attach one or two pictures of the damages or relevant situation, the extend or value of the damages suffered - if already assessed.

In case of an Insurance claim decline, supply us with a copy of the repudiation letter, of give us the reason for the rejection and name the Insurance Company.

Should you like talking to us (phone contact displayed below), best do that after the initial email briefing, but keep in mind even we need some time to check about your matter first.

Your are very welcome to utilise such valuable absolutely free initial advice*

car accident in South Africa

RAMLA can be the solution in MVA matters

Do you know that RAMLA is a specialised expert in handling and enforcing or defending all kind of MVA (motor vehicle accident) matters, pursuing motor car accident compensation claims, Insurance dispute resolutions, for its clients - effective - professional - decisive and resolute, to best and affordable fees.

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

As you probably have recognised on our comprehensive web information platform, we do know what we are taking about.

We do invite anyone in South Africa, facing an MVA (motor vehicle accident) problem, to contact us for a first - free - analyse of your particular matter and get initial advice how to proceed.

As a specialist in traffic accident recovery actions, we act for clients/members in the relevant manner, but based on a paid mandate or membership, if a need of practical support arises.

We do offer a free first advice, to determinate your case and give you a direction how and what may be the way forward, in order to build confidence with a potential client.

As professional specialists, in charge of acting in motor accident damage claims in South Africa, we offer a well performing, decisive and demanding claim pursuit, at affordable fees.

  RAMLA will be your one-stop car accident claim service in South Africa

       motor car accident damage claim is complex             

When you need claim support for car accident damage compensation, in South Africa you are on the right web page.

It's so easy contacting us by email.

The effective way will be sending an email containing the nature, damage and problems detected. Once sent through to us, we will study the matter and after analysing the facts, we get back to you by email (most commonly within about 3 hours), with the result and advice,

- free of charge.

If you like explaining your problem to our claim manager on duty, you are welcome to contact us by phone for an initial briefing on cell 076 770 3179 (standard rates apply).

For best results: dont't just call, once you took notice of the opportunity!

First think what you like to get accross, best file it as email and call once you got our feedback.

For reasons to convince you not just calling immediately, please follow: how to contact RAMLA successfully.

It will be much more effective; if we do get a briefing of the matter via email, before a telephone call, so we will be prepared answering your questions.

* please note that a practical claim pursuit will not be free of charge and comes with a paid mandate, but at reasonable and affordable fees, however take the chance to get initial free advice.

Car accident compensation claims for damages, may cause some headache,

in South Africa.

RAMLA can be the solution to sort out MVA problems.

Not everything in a compensation action goes smooth and the way wanted, as we are confronted with numerous possible challenges.

RAMLA a specialised legal expert in material car accident damage claims,

filing, demanding, enforcing compensation actions, supporting disputes in dispute resolution actions, with Motor Insurance Companies, or its Agents, work in Ombudsman's (OSTI) review cases,

or defend a motorist against unreasonable or inflated compensation claims.

Contact RAMLA to analyse your case, and get a free opinion where you stand and what to do next. You can contact RAMLA 7/24 and receive a response soon.

It's so easy, just e mail your story and attach what you got to make the RAMLA claim manager understand your problem.

Just draft a brief report of what had happen and send it (use this mail link) to RAMLA for free analyses and you will receive a reply soon.

Contact us now and let us know how we can help you?

car accident in South Africa

email us your story and details to for a free first analyse and advice.

RAMLA offers full legal support to solve a car accident compensation claim, starting with a comprehensive claim preparation and subsequent legal action to enforce fair compensation or defend against inflated or unrealistic recovery actions, all the way up to a court case, if no solution can be found in pre-litigation.

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read more: about proper accident documentation

Please find more information to select from below:


Nationwide RAMLA Claim Service
SMS your problem to RAMLA Cell

076 770 3179     or best send an

RAMLA - Road Accident Management and Legal Action - is one of South Africa's most experienced and decisive advocates to sort out legal disputes with parties, Insurance companies or act in defence for clients, confronted with unreasonable or inflated claims.

Car accident issues that matters most:

We are legal specialist in motor car accident damage recovery matters and offer our services to those suffering damages or in need to defend unreasonable or inflated claims.

Taking on disputes with motor insurance companies, engage and solve unfair declines or incorrect apportionment of damages, oppose a wrong assessed Quantum, or take a matter on review with the Ombudsman (OSTI), to get a matter of comprehensive insurance dispute reviewed.

Sometimes, if a matter cannot be resolved in a full attempt, and the case need to be heard in a court of law, should all fail to find a solution in pre-litigation, the escalation to a court of law is inevitable, we will suppot the action.

RAMLA can get you through the trouble, get reluctant parties moving serving Summons, for just some affordable fees, commonly just equal or lower then towing/storage cost may be.

We are one of the most experienced, decisive advocates, when it comes to car accident problems - issues of compensation or defence against unreasonable or inflated claims, bad repair practice and much more.

We work only on motor car accident matters.

Check us out, so you do know if we can uphold we say, free of charge.

Welcome to RAMLA

Road Accicent Management & Legal Action - South Africa

RAMLA - is an experienced legal expert in most MVA - Motor Vehicle Accident - issues.

We act professionally and decisive for the - Demand of damage Compensation - Dispute Resolution - Defence against inflated or unreasonable claims, as well as for damage recovery caused by bad workmanship after car repairs.

With more than ten years of professional experience, well educated stuff, knowing the subject of car accident issues and solutions, we have advised many, many inquirers in the first steps to take for a solution,

- free of charge - ,

and over the years, served a high number of clients to solve differences with parties, addressed compensation actions, acted against unfair Motor Insurance declines or short falling settlement offers, pursuit reviews with the Industries Ombudsman and filed law suits and defences.

RAMLA do know very well, that all cases are individual and need particular attention to the details, as only a well structured and factual claim can have chances to success. With us, you can feel save.

If you valued visitor of the RAMLA web information platform, do have any such problems listed above, you may well be good advised to contact us and brief us - best by email - with what had happened and may be your problem.

Our initial reply and advice will be free of any charges or obligations,

but an active pursuit of a claim or defence will come with some smaller fees.


How going forward once there is a claim or dispute or other challenges?

Well, once someone checks a web site as this one RAMLA presents, there will be some sort of a problem.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) issues are manifold and can be complex.

It may either be that there is no response from the liable party or the Insurer, the other party repudiate, apportioning damage liability leading to a short falling compensation offer, or any other claim decline, such as to violation of Insurance terms and conditions. All need experienced attention.

There are even cases, where a claim is directed to a 3rd party, deemed liable and demanded, but no engagement noticed.

Lot of issues coming up in MVA - car accident matters, may not be handled according to valid law, or wrongly interpreted.

There are many people in South Africa's motor insurance industry, without a legal background and act under instructions, don't care, nor perhaps not having the necessary skills, or just follow a strategy, to get rid of valid claims.

Such should not be accepted and the challenge taken head on, even if it comes with some engagement.

RAMLA as a specialised legal expert can solve such problems, just for a fraction in fees what you may miss out, if you don't have the right support.

In our view, it is not the correct way and get a legitimate claimant's demand, just been brushed away, isn't it?

Just take the time and contact, tell us about the matter and let us take care of it.


Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims?

RAMLA can help you most effectively to get a claim dropped or eased.

The results defending someone against whatever car accident compensation claim, can be very good, as often the evidence the Claimant do have is not sufficient to proof the claim, which is a pre-requisite for a successful action.

If it isn't as clear what the implications are and what evidence the other party/Insurance do have, chances are very good to stand through and get a claim successfully denied, even if a summons may have be served already.

The party alleges or accuses is forced to proof the claim and not the demanded party.

Many Insurance recovery claims fall short of such reliable evidence and therefore can be repudiated, even if it comes from attorneys or recovery agents.


However we do handle every substantial MVA claim,

against whatever party, Insurance, reluctant party or company successfully, given the merits of the issue are clear and stand a challenge.

Should the merits not be so favourable in the first place, we do all we can, improving such merits, to get the matter being a strong case.


Chances of success, if there is a strong case, and any other winning guarantees?

Those are questions we hear frequently, before a new client is prepared to accept some fees.

There cannot be any guarantee of success in legal matters, as the other party may have evidence matching or being better proof. If it comes to an action in a court of law, the presiding officer is the instance of weighting all brought forward in the action and decides.

However if sufficient evidence is at hand, chances are high to predict a win and succeeding with a matter, which ends up in an acceptable settlement/judgement.


You want to visit a local RAMLA office in your area and have a chat with one of our experts?

We are very sorry telling you, that we have chosen a different way of performing our business.

In order to hold overhead costs low, and not compromise on expertise and service, we have decided to act from one central, but not public office, in the Western Cape.

In order to hold fees low and offer very competitive rates, compared with similar legal services, we decided to concentrate intelligence and contain costs in this manner.

Anyone who likes to visit his/her adviser or attorney, should not choose RAMLA as a favourite, as we cannot or want honour just that.

But we can deliver the way we operate effectively, wherever you are in South Africa and with whom ever we have to deal, effectively, decisive and affordable.


What about fees, must they be paid upfront or can it be deducted from recoveries?

Let me answer the question in short.

Yes, all fees need to be paid up before we take action.

Why is that so?

Our fees are as competitive low, that we cannot enforce any such fees economically, if someone just take our services and thereafter give us hassles to pay.

Any local attorney will do the same, as asking for a deposit, commonly far higher than our entire fees are, upfront.

In general those deposits are offset against fee notes and further deposits requested in due course.

We dont do that. We deliver services not billed on time issues, but on performance phases, which gives cost certainty and the assurance to be taken care of the full matter.

Contact us to get more detailed information.


Any doubts about our capabilities or performance as this offer is an anonymous one on the web?

Well I must accept such doubts and can only point out and rely on the many we served before and who may be contactable for reference.

Check out what we display on our comprehensive web pages, which will back up our knowledge and experience without a doubt.

Anyhow we will never accept a mandate before we have had a first free analyse of your particular matter and if you aren't satisfied with our reply, simply don't go on with us, despite it may be detrimental to you.

We value a fair and open informative strategy, keeping a client updated, which will please most of those with an open mind to comunication technologies, such as email etc.

But we can only do what we offer and if you aren't happy with such offer, just get into contact with your local lawyer, or ask us to refer you to someone with specialised knowledge in MVA matters.


Should you have been through all before . . .

and still think we can be the one to solve your motor vehicle accident compensation problem in South Africa, just get in contact with us.

You're welcome to be served perfectly.

Kind Regards Your RAMLA team

Nationwide Claim Service

SMS RAMLA to 076 770 3179
and let us know the problem, or much better send an e-mail to:

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  Preparation is key:
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Involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do?

When it comes to a legal action in a court of law, the details are important.

RAMLA do know what is of importance and guide matters to success.

RAMLA Expert Partnership

Become a local partner of our Nationwide Network of experts in adjacent industries, such as:

Legal profession

Panel beater or auto
     body repair workshops

Independent vehicle
     damage assessors

enhancing mutual business at no cost to either side.

Please follow the link to the industry above to learn more about the offer.

SMS "network" your name and industry, place of business to 076 770 3179
and we call you, or send to


Motor Insurance Disputes

An insurance claim, either as a third party or comprehensive claim can come with a number of challenges.

Having the knowledge and experience, is a prerequisite to stand through against sometimes very strange arguments or decisions utilised by South African Motor Insurance Companies or its Brokers.


Ombudsman for short term Insurance (OSTI)

The Ombudsman for short term insurance disputes (OSTI) reviews matters that emanates from Insurance policy differences or disputes.

That means only contractual issues can be given for review and no 3rd party claims issues can be addressed to the Ombudsman.

Many people believe in objectivity and sympathies the Ombudsman may have to issues, believed to have been made unfairly by any Insurance decider.

It must however not always be expected that OSTI is in favour of Insurance clients to protect their rights.

Too often the decisions taken by the Ombudsman's office are backing the Insurance decision, particularly so as the evidence provided hasn't rebutted the Insurers argument, due to lack of knowledge.

The often one-sided information provided by the Insurer, even without verification, is taken for the decision, if a client in need for help doesn't know how to repudiate false or weak allegations and the matter will most probably be lost and the Insurer rests relaxed.

The Institution of the OSTI office is financed by the Insurance Industry.


A reluctant party try to hide and not engage?

Don't allow a party to act in such manner. A liable driver must take responsibility, but it can be a challenge if you have been too patient or trustful of promises and the other do know how to make you struggle.

It must be noted that a claim is easier declined than proven, and factual proof is what is meant the claimant has the onus of proof.


Companies don't engaging into claims they are vicariously liable for its employees

Companies are in some circumstances responsible and vicariously liable for employee's action and damages, if in charge for the business.

Despite most such companies may maintain a valid insurance cover, not many are open to an amicable solution and reluctant to support a claim.

The problem may just be that those who employ personal which need take part in public traffic in order to do the job get too much involved in car accidents throughout the employee's mistakes and don't like seeing the insurance cover in danger or face higher risk premiums.

There are commonly more difficulties to get matters processed as if claiming against a private person.

Our advice, get support as soon you feel something may not go as expected.


Alcohol or drugs a driver has abused but driving a car under the influence and causing the accident

Alcohol or Drugs shouldn't be consumed when on the road, for good reasons, and prohibited by law.

Once alcohol or drugs are suspected or proven, any insurance cover will lapse and no compensation can be expected covered by any Insurance.

However, the misuse of drugs and or alcohol must be proven in a professional manner.

It will not be acceptable, if an Insurer or another party just allege the other being intoxicated.

No witness or any observer can detect any or the degree of intoxication, even if they are medics, without scientific analyses, there is no proof.

Breathalyser and professional medical laboratory tests must show if any intoxication and to what degree, to get a claim declined or even to make one against another.


Market value, trade and retail value, scrap or salvage are all part in a "write off" case

When it comes to more serious car accident damages often repair costs are high. Should repair costs exceed the market or pre-collision value of the motor car, it will be called a "write off".

Unfortunately many of those been written off is caused by a decision of an Insurer.

The manner in which the car values of a highly damaged vehicle being evaluated, is by applying value schemes, often inappropriate schemes or wrong assessment results should be challenged.

A write off can cause many hassles in some regards.

There are some value schemes offering private persons a one time free value check.

Below as an example, TransUnion Car Value

Anther source will be as well as

TransUnion Car Value Scheme

    Disclaimer: Although all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of the content, displayed on the RAMLA web-pages, no warranty is given regarding the accuracy or completeness of the content or its suitability for any purpose.
Use of information whatsoever will be entirely on own risk. No claims for loss or damage arising from reliance of the information supplied will be entertained.

    Copyright: No copy in whichever way is permitted, without written confirmation by the author. No use of information is permitted for commercial purposes. The copyright includes reproduction and adaptation of any content and is expressively
reserved to the publisher RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action under section 12 (7) of the copyright act of 1978 - South Africa     All rights reserved.

Conditions: for free first claim analyses: RAMLA offers first free analyses of your motor accident case, in order to enhance your confidence. Therefore some data and material will be needed to submit to RAMLA for an individual reply. Under
such circumstances, RAMLA will have the free copyright to publish case information and of photographs on our web pages, designed to inform others about real instances, without exposing your private data.

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