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 Accident Damage

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Car accident lawyers and professional claim managers to analyse, support and pursue your material car accident claim, effective and economical, nationwide in South Africa.

You will find a lot of useful information on the RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) web pages.

Motor car accident damage claim service, in South Africa

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RAMLA network

  RAMLA network partnership - nationwide!  

RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action is an organization focusing on serving clients/members recovering losses of property involved in a car accident in South Africa. The priority motivation is that our clients/members will be compensated fair and in full, when they suffered material car accident damage.

Overlapping interests creating synergy effects that benefit mutual businesses, are the motivation for RAMLA to encourage others in the tangling industries as the towing profession, vehicle damage assessment specialists, - panel beating or auto body repair professionals - as well as the legal profession, to join a unique network of specialists to serve motor crash problems and to foster and enhance your own businesses.

The network partnership is based on relating and benefiting mutual business, whereby no financial contribution is involved on either side.

RAMLA relate business to your company

RAMLA creates and works to a unique business concept in the field of material motor accident recovery claims. We concentrate just on this, striving to offer affordable and outstanding professional damage enforcement power to favourable economic condition, so that everyone will be able to demand for compensation pay, in South Africa.

We handle claims of all sizes from small to high court levels for clients. The main activities of RAMLA claim management are in the pre-litigation phase of the claim, doing all the time consuming tasks preparing and demanding compensation payment for clients.

Serving a client be paid any sufficient damage compensation, is just one piece in the victims needs to get over the hurdles after a motor accident. Lots of other facets, that relate business to your company, are part of the solution.

Connecting local business partners in their field of business and expertise is the way to achieve best possible solutions for all.

A motor accident collision give several task to solute and the demand of payment is important, but just work better if tangling challenges, such as the determination of physical damages to the motor vehicle, by way of assessing the motor car locally, repairing the damage to standard or litigate in a local court of jurisdiction will best and need your local participation.

This is what we mean with brining business to you, as relating tasks in your field of expertise will be performed by your local business, to your terms.

If you are now saying does that work for me and why should I get on with someone I don't even know, we simply suggest, easily send an   email:   using the link and contact to find out.

You found RAMLA by browsing the web and at least a bit of curiosity arouse, why not get on further? Let me put the RAMLA offer even this way to you: we are a growing business but we haven't achieved to be where we want to be right now. We like to take the opportunity to get exposed more conventional to motor accident victims, as some even get into your business first, before the demand of the damage compensation is on the agenda.

If you are i.e. a panel beater or auto body repair workshop and the client come in to your workshop and want the damage analysed and a quotation, this quotation will most probably serve to address the enforcment of the damage compensation.

If you can help your client now, in just showing them a perfect solution to have the claim compensation enforced, so that the money will be in to pay the repair you are waiting for, isn't that a non-profit benefit for you?

Let's say you are a professional motor vehicle assessor, and question what will be my benefits you ask? RAMLA gets a good number of inquiries just for performing a damage assessment, due to whatever reason and most often in private addressed claims.

But RAMLA is a specialist in demanding compensation and not in assessing. So we turn away some business, just not being able to relate it to the competent assessment company.

And finally you are a practising attorney and you like mandates, but traffic accident claims are not especially your favourite subject, as for some it's just a bit simple or for others not good enough in pay for lot of detailed work.

If this characterise you, you are ideal to check out of what can be the improvement of such mandates in cooperation with RAMLA to make it lucrative for you to get involved.

We want your opinion so we need to repeat our message once again: we simply suggest contact, easily send an   email:   using the link and contact.

RAMLA claim management to serve your claim     RAMLA network     RAMLA claim management to serve your claim

RAMLA and the other industries listed below are working either mainly or partly on solving problems resulting out of motor car crash damages in South Africa. There are interfaces between both your industry/company the legal profession and RAMLA, which can be utilised to enhance mutual benefits.

Please feel free to select your industry below and learn more about how RAMLA likes to explain the pro and cons.

The RAMLA network tangles of the following sectors:
         Towing Services / Salvage dealers / Accident car storage locations

         Panel beater/Auto body repair workshops/Spray painter

         Vehicle Damage Assessment


         Claim Collectors/Credit Investigators

To perform the RAMLA service, which is focused on professional, effective and economically in cost of support for a client in enforcement of their material car accident damage compensation in South Africa, RAMLA make use of several local network partners in all the tangling industries, to give the client/member the best possible support and service on a local level.

The offered partnership is aimed to mutually benefit each other's business, meaning RAMLA relates its members/clients as new customers to the local expert partner or give mandates to the legal profession to perform the local legal duties.

A listing for Partnership with RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action, is free of any charge or other financial contribution and only a few or even exclusive listing's in the specific industry/service will be available, depending on the density of the population in the area.

Joining the RAMLA network, needs no financial contribution


RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialist in material car accident management.


As you already work in a motor accident related industry, you can only win joining.

Serving a RAMLA member/client to best practice pursuing a vehicle damage claim, we laid out some standards to measure our own service quality and offers related to members/clients.

We do expect that our network partners are naturally working according to advanced industry standards to ensure that members referred for business to a network partner, will get what they expect.

Come on board as local expert partner!

  RAMLA will be your one-stop car accident claim service in South Africa

       motor car accident damage claim            

If you want to know more being part of the RAMLA expert network, just contact us and we explain how utilizing the synergies and benefits between you and RAMLA.

RAMLA network

We do what it takes to work for our clients/members and strive to improve all the time to be better. If you got our message, but don't want to partner now, you can still recommend our service.

By the way, we do offer a commission scheme that honours any recommendations leading to new RAMLA services.

Performing nationwide means RAMLA must provide local service.

Serving the local tasks, RAMLA shares business with its partners in the area.

RAMLA is a specialist in material car accident damage claims (no bodily injuries).

Contact RAMLA now if you are interested in participating in the RAMLA service network?

Just send an e mail contacting RAMLA,
using this contact button 7/24 and receive a response soon.

It's so easy, just e mail your industry or profession, your place of business and please don't forget your name

and add whatever you like either to know more about the offer, or give us some information about you. (use this mail link) to RAMLA and we reply soon.

If we could wake your attention to become a network partner in your industry, you are welcome to contact RAMLA in this regard and feel free to take this as an invitation to partner with RAMLA.

Once again, the focus of any partnerships is only on enhancing mutual business, and no financial contributions from either side involved.

Giving you a better idea of what RAMLA is about and what will be the mutual benefits, you are much welcome to read more about by following the link to your industry.

If you prefer to be called, you should simply SMS "partner" your name and industry and place of business/office, to 076 770 3179 we call you soon.

Otherwise feel free to contact Michael at RAMLA on cell 076 770 3179. You can always e-mail us and receive a quick response to answer all you want to know to

Interested? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you for your attention - e-mail

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Nationwide Claim Service
SMS  "Partner" and your name and industry to 076 770 3179
and we call you,
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