RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa
Motor vehicle accident damage claim enforcement
- defence against inflated or unreasonable claims
- Motor Insurance disputes - claim declines

Car accident damage claim enforcement

Rebutting unfair settlement offers

Insurance claim declines or dismissal

Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims

Support in any MVA matters, in South Africa

Road Accident Management & Legal Action

We are car accident damage compensation recovery specialists

RAMLA is a specialised Expert in South Africa's Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa
Having a compensation claim against another party, probably insured against claims emanating from car accidents, or against own, comprehensive motor insurance cover, can come with complications. A number of issues can lead to disputes, declines or insufficient settlement offers. RAMLA as an specialised Expert in all MVA matters, can be the solution for any such problems.
      car accident in South Africa

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South African car accident lawyers and professional claim managers, working together with local panel beater or auto body repair workshops, to serve a client/customer who has to sort out motor car accident damages in South Africa.

 accident damge repair

RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action - is an organisation in the field of consumer protection aimed to deliver motor accident damage claim service to the victim of a car accident.

One of our favourites is serving in disputes with motor insurance companies.

RAMLA further concentrates on the challenges in the pre-litigation phase of a claim, which forms the basis for any settlement and/or court case. RAMLA support and pursuit legal cases in court, if no solution could be found in the pre-litigation phase, out of court.

The unique way RAMLA works, makes it very comfortable for anyone who needs to claim for auto crash compensation offered in high quality and professionalism, but to the favourable economic conditions to claim for damages, in South Africa.

To broaden the basis of clients all over the country and in exchange bring additional business to a RAMLA listed panel beater or auto repair workshop, is what we mean with partnership.

We like to convince you the local professional motor car repairer, that it is worthwhile to recommend the unique RAMLA claim service to others, especially when a motorist walk into your workshop after a traffic accident, for a quote to quantify the damage.

On the other hand, RAMLA clients and members involved in a motor accident need a reliable repair partner or workshop to fix the damaged auto. As part of our understanding of partnership, we will recommend our clients to the nearest enlisted auto body repair workshop or panel beater business for the repair job.

 accident damge repair

Please let me try explaining further, why a partnership based on mutual recommendation to clients or customers are so benefiting for your business.

We all know that as soon all bodily injuries are under control and the damaged motor car is driven or towed to a safe location, the question how to manage to get compensation paid is high on the agenda.

First of all the motorist wants to know what is the damage values he is facing, and regularly visits your business to find out about it. If you have been helpful and assisted with a first damage assessment, the question remains how to enforce, meaning making the other party paying for the damage and how long will it probably take to have the money in the bank.

All those dealing with motor accident damages on a daily basis know very well that the enforcement of damage compensation is not always a walk in the park. It's often hard work to gather all facts and provide evidence, and it may even come with high costs for the legal representations etc.

This is the piont RAMLA can help to come up with a professional solution on very favourable economic terms, hardly to match by any other known advice in the country, as RAMLA works to low overhead cost.

Don't you agree that your customer will appreciate this information on his/her way to compensation? RAMLA offers an initial analysis of the individual facts and then to determine the position and the way forward for your client - absolutely free of charge.

So your customer has an idea of what he/she can or must do now, without spending any money. Isn't that a benefit for your customer? We say it will be credited onto your favourite business reputation.

accident damge repair

Come on board as local vehicle damage repair expert!

  RAMLA will be your one-stop car accident claim service in South Africa
       motor car accident damage claim            
If you want to know more being part of the RAMLA expert network, just contact us and we find out about utilizing the synergies and benefits between you and RAMLA.
Contact us to find out more.

That's the headline for you to consider.

Panel beater, Auto body repair, Spray painter as workshop partner enhance mutual business - What does that mean?

and what will be your benefit when partner with RAMLA?

1. Give valuable and free extra service to your car accident customers

2. Providing your client with needed and free claim information, will build
     customer confidence and adhesive your consumer to your company.

3. Receive new RAMLA clients/members as your customer.

4. Recommendation of your service to local RAMLA clients/members.

5. Certifying your business as competent, trustworthy and fair.

6. Free listing to be selected by clients/members on RAMLA web pages

7. Free own web page, within RAMLA website, to showcase your business

8. Rewards and commission schemes for your payback

Pay nothing for such advantages, but be able to receive!

   to good to be true?           No, please check the RAMLA offer.

    In the first place we are talking repairing car accident damages in South Africa. To solute the consequences of regular motor vehicle collision damage, mostly there is the need to get the damage paid in the first place, almost before practical repair work can take place.

This means the demand and enforcement of compensation, from motor insurance companies or the 3rd party, in the pre litigation phase, or in a possible legal claim, is of outmost importance in order to secure and fund the repair costs.

Both, the auto damage repair and the enforcement of the compensation must go well together to minimise negative ramifications to the victim of a motor car collision.

So to say - in short, both of us have customers/clients in the zone of our direct businesses, where one is needing the other ones to have a complete solution for a customer/client involved in a motor car crash. Being compensated fair and full, as well as to have the motor vehicle damage properly and professional repaired is what is on stake.

This offer of working together must be understood as an invitation to partner with RAMLA. The focus is on enhancing mutual business, throughout better service for the client and increasing the scale of business, where no financial contributions from either side are involved.

RAMLA matches the circle to resolve car accident issues on the legal side as you are the one rebuilding the physical damages.

Giving you a better idea of what RAMLA is about and what will be the mutual benefits, you are much welcome to read more about it below.

If you prefer to be called, simply SMS "workshop" and your name and business as well as the place of business to 076 770 3179 and we call you soon, or feel free to contact Michael at RAMLA on same cell.

RAMLA's prefered way of communication is via e-mail to work effectivly having proof of any messages and beeing cost effective not disturbing workflow by attending a phone call in the minute it cames in.

You can always e-mail us and receive a quick response soon, to answer all you want to know about this offer please mail to  info@ramla.co.za

What must I understand to know what RAMLA is doing?

   RAMLA, Road Accident Management & Legal Action, is an organisation that emphases on serving clients/members with the pursuit of the full car accident claim, so that they will be paid for the losses, when they were involved in a motor vehicle accident in South Africa.

Therefore one main objective in the RAMLA politics is, to have the member/client compensated full and fair, to enable a road accident victim to repair or replace any material damage suffered.

Please follow this link to learn more about the way RAMLA operates and read how RAMLA handle the claim process.

What is the benefit and process of partnership?

One of the first steps, for the victim of a road accident is, that the motorist will regularly go for one or more repair quotations, to proof and qualify the losses.

If the client seeks for more than one qualified quotation, your business cannot rely on getting the repair job quoted. So it is your game make sure geting the repair order at the end.

The reason to gather up to three different repair quotations is mostly coursed by the demand of local South African insurance companies on its way to approach a claim for motor insurance compensation. The expectation is, that there will be a underperforming quote and they may take the lowest damage assessment to start with and come up even with a lower compensation offer.

We know that you, the specialist in the auto repair industry, are very well aware of that, but even you need to look on who feeds you i.e. if you are enlisted with motor insurance companies, isn't it?

You as a panel beater or auto body repair company want the business to fair condition, best knowing the customer will be able to pay before you start working.

Certainly RAMLA will refer the member/client in need of repair work to get the car back on the road, to the local listed workshop partner for the services and work fixing the car.

A RAMLA member/client coming to a listed workshop for quotation and repair, is not required to have for more than one qualified quote, meaning it is very likely for the workshop to get the repair job in due course, and the quotation was not just unpaid work, even it was a bit more detail work than just a rough quotation.

That's what we mean talking enhancing mutual business, you get the job and we have a satisfied client.

Sure we would like you to present/recommend the unique and affordable RAMLA claim service to your clients with accident claims, encouraging them to contact RAMLA with a briefing of the case, giving our claim manager the chance to initially check about the matter. There are absolutely no costs, risks or obligations involved for anybody contacting RAMLA in this regard.

RAMLA will answer such request with a free of charge and written first analyses of what we found and we think it will be best to go forward.

If you consider recommending RAMLA to your clients, and a mandate can be established you will benefit on top by drawing rewards from a commission scheme.

We all know that a quotation alone will not pay the repair. It is often a stony road, to finally have the money paid from the liable party or even from motor insurance cover and very often a qualified motor car accident damage claim support is needed.

In regard of bringing together the both substantial services - your car accident repair service and the RAMLA claim service - your customer and/or RAMLA clients must be informed about the other service.

The very best time to inform a victim visiting your workshop suffered material vehicle damages, about any kind of damage claim support, will be in the moment he/she is taking the first steps to prepare a claim for compensation, namely list the damage by means of a repair quotation.

The RAMLA claim service is unique, effective and professional, looking into any individual claim holistically and offer this service to hardly beatable economic conditions.

    One of the benefits RAMLA seeks from the partnership is, that you may recommend this perfect service to your clients and being rewarded in cash for such recommendation and even enhance the clients confidence in your workshop service, giving a most needed direction how to go further with the claim, when coming and asking for a damage repair quotation.

Most of the people asking for a simple repair quotation, you may be well aware off, are not insured against such car accident risks and they may desperately need such car accident claim support as RAMLA offers, so that they will have a chance to be compensated fairly and in full, for the material damage suffered in a vehicle crash.

Your client may be thankful having received the information, that such unique motor car accident claim solution will be available. Next to the good news to your client, RAMLA offers you a cash reward for your efforts based on an interesting bonus scheme.

RAMLA on the other hand send its motorists and members, involved in road accidents to you, the partner workshops for the repair of damages to their motor vehicles, meaning bringing business to your door, without any financial investment for you.


But workshop partnership with RAMLA means still more benefits for both of the businesses.

Your profession is to repair vehicle accident damages according to manufacturing specifications and deliver quality work. This is what local RAMLA member's need, when suffered motor car accident damages. A member residing or have had the accident in your area of business and request the RAMLA support, will be directed to your workshop and you will be recommended for the repair.

Quality work, meaning proper damage repairs, is what your daily business is about. To be a RAMLA network partner your business must working according to manufacturer's standards and deliver the best ever possible service to the client, which is self-explanatory to anyone who is passionate about delivering quality work.

For RAMLA quality work does not mean doing more than others do, but it means constantly relying on such quality standards. Reliability and quality is more important as the price to be paid for work. We all know that quality must have equal financial return, but quality must even not always be much more expensive.

    A RAMLA member needs to select a qualified workshop in the area of residence, that will ensure to repair the damage to the state that the car had been before such accident. A listing with RAMLA will certify you, being a serious and trustful business and may be a better choice than the competition at the corner.

    If your client have not decided jet, how to enforce the claim compensation, it may be a good opportunity and enhancing your service profile, by recommending a most needed support to the right time.

    What are the conditions to be listed with RAMLA?

To qualify being listed with RAMLA, your only obligation is to work to manufacturers' standards and to file reliable and fair repair quotations, to which you are able and willing to repair the entire damaged motor car properly.

A qualified repair quotation, based on the guarantee you will do the repair for what is quoted, leads automatically to the fact that a RAMLA member can rely on your workshop.

RAMLA do not follow the politics to have several quotes for the same damage, but the one that will be used to base the claim value onto, must be accurate.

RAMLA only select a small number of workshops to partner, if not an exclusive one, for the individual area your business is located to make a difference.

Let's take it from here and go the mile to   contact RAMLA   to find out if your day to day work and workshop service qualifies you to become a network partner.

RAMLA (Road accident management and Legal Action), is a specialist in material car accident management in South Africa

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