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Car accident damage claim enforcement

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Defence against unreasonable or inflated claims

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Road Accident Management & Legal Action

We are car accident damage compensation recovery specialists

as well as experts to defend against unreasonable or inflated claims.

RAMLA is a specialised Expert in South Africa's Motor Vehicle Accident damage compensation enforcement, or assistance in defensive actions against unreasonable or inflated claims.

Quotations and issues of accident damage repairs as well criteria for selection of a repair workshop

RAMLA - car accident damage claim service South Africa
Having a compensation claim against another party, probably insured against claims emanating from car accidents, or against own, comprehensive motor insurance cover, can come with complications. A number of issues can lead to disputes, declines or insufficient settlement offers. RAMLA as an specialised Expert in all MVA matters, can be the solution for any such problems.
      car accident in South Africa
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If you are involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more.

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The RAMLA web pages are designed to supply you with valuable information's to sort out material motor car accident compensation cases occurred in a traffic collision on South African roads.

Involved in a car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do?

You will find a lot information that can help you to claim for damages or to deal with disputed motor insurance claims and even to defend you, if you face an inflated high and unreasonable claim against you.
On your way looking for a professional car accident damage assessment, to quantify and calculate your traffic accident damages occurred one of the provinces of South Africa,

Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape - Western Cape -

you found the RAMLA web pages giving you some ideas about the pro and cons of an independent damage investigation and what you should look on to get a reliable accident damage report, helping you to proof the material claim, against the liable party or the motor insurance company.

Even if you are located in one of the mayor cities of the country such as Cape Town - Bloemfontein - Johannesburg - Soweto - Pretoria - Polokwane - Durban - East London - Port Elizabeth - or in the wider areas around those cities or wherever in the county you are,

RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) can support you with various service options nationwide.

Working with RAMLA will of course be the most comfortable and economic support in pursuit of a legal compensation claim, whether against a 3rd party or directed to any motor insurance company in South Africa.

Motor car accidents happen on a daily basis, and in all the South African provinces, wherever you are, in Gauteng - Freestate - Northern Cape - Limpopo - North West - Mpumalanga - KwaZuluNatal (KZN) - Eastern Cape or in the Western Cape.

In the several provinces you find differences in the level of risks, according to traffic density, conditions of the roads, day and night times, weather conditions and many more.

A motor car accident rarely does happen just out of one singular fault. Mostly more influential factors and other negligent actions must get together causing a traffic accident at all,

when driving through Cape Town or Kahilitsha, Paarl, Parow, Calvinia, Springbok, Vredenburg, as Port Elizabeth, but not just there.

In all our South African cities and even in rural areas, are risks by travelling a vehicle on public roads. Be aware that most accidents happen in your very near neighbourhood or on your daily way to or from work in your home town Middelburg, Graff-Reinet, Somerset - East or Somerset West, Grahamstown, Bisho, Zwelisha or East London, due to the facts that one who is very familiar with this routine, will not be on the alert level one should be.

You can minimise to be dragged into an auto collision, if you concentrate on the traffic, abide by the basic precautions and don't contribute negligent in driving, by let's say texting or telephoning behind the steering wheel.

But even if you live in other small towns or mayor cities such as Umlazi, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Potchefstroom, Port Elizabeth, Knysna, Krugersdorp, Oudtshorn, Mossel Bay or Worcester you have to be aware of the danger by making your trip.

Other road users may not be up to their best abilities, be drunk for example or driving a motor car that better should not be on the road, as it is not roadworthy and so poses risks to other motorists.

Just participate in local traffic within the towns and villages as Roberson, George, Kimberly, Rustenburg or Mabopane, you can be caught up in a vehicle crash at all times, despite you may drive carefully and respect the rules of the road. The other party is always even your risk.

Minimising the probability to be caught up in a road crash, especially in bustling cities such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Soweto, Germiston, Rustenberg, Welkom, Bloemfontein, Polokwane , Durban or Cape Town, where high volumes of motorist getting along all day, the risk to be involved in a car accident is much higher than just travelling in quieter areas as Klerksdorp or Mahikeng.

The best will be, if you are on high alert all the time you drive a motor car. Taking care of keeping proper following distances which is a very good measure not to be involved in car accidents,

when you on the roads of Kimberly, Queenstown, Beaufort West, Prieska, Upington, Vryburg, De Aar, Belfast, Bethlehem, Kroonstad , Harrysmith, Mabane, Nelspruit or Ermelo.

In huge metropolis as Johannesburg or Cape Town where you deal with rush hours when commuters get to and from work in the morning and evening hours, the danger to be trapped up in a motor car accident are explicitly higher as to other traffic times.

If you have been unlucky dragged into an auto accident caused by another one or more motorist who drove negligent, not abiding the rules of the road or even careless and subsequent suffered material damages to your motor car, you want that the liable party pay compensation you for losses.


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Insurance claim disputes
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Motor vehicle damage assessment
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What RAMLA can offer you

Free accident fact check

RAMLA is an organisation specialised in resolving vehicle accident matters and offers you professional and dedicated claim management, for anyone in need of legal support or advice to finalise a car accident problem in South Africa.

We offer a free web page, a first free examination of your individual case, a written reply of what we believe you stay right now and what will be the best going forward.

Unfortunately practical RAMLA car accident claim service cannot be free of charge, but still reasonable and affordable priced. You can utilise this professional and most economic offer to facilitate your claim to the convenience of our unique support scheme.

Brief our claim manager on duty with your individual case and inquire about the RAMLA service and cost scheme, if you decide RAMLA is the way to take your matter forward.

RAMLA is of course the way for a successful car accident claim.

car accident in South Africa

RAMLA - car accident damage repair support

If you are involved in a car accident.

What is important keeping in mind, when you have to look for a potential auto body repair workshop to get your accident damaged motor vehicle back on track?

Right at the begin of the process repairing a damaged motor car, once the scene of the car accident is cleared, and the facts assembled the evidence secured, the focus will be on the vehicle destruction and the costs and affords to be made, getting the car back on the road.

If the damaged motor car will be drivable, commonly the first way will be visiting your local panel beater or auto body repair workshop, in order to get a repair quotation.

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Some questions may come along with the task getting the car damages calculated.

What needs to be looked on, having a qualified and reliable quotation?

What should a qualified repair quotation include?

Must I accept used parts for my car crash damage repair?

What can be the consequences of utilizing used car spares for the build up?

Other noticeable things to look on before the order of the vehicle repair job.

What will be the case if I am told my car cannot economically be repaired and called a "write off" or total loss. Must I accept this qualification as total loss (the vehicle will be worth only the scrap value or salvage) or what can I do to rebut such qualification.

Must I wait with the vehicle repair unless the complete case is finalised, or what will be if I like to sell the car without doing the repair job.

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Motor Vehicle Accident

We offer the solution in Car Accident matters, analysing, supporting, demanding, corresponding, negotiating, settlement agreements and further taking matters to a court of law in South Africa, if no amicable solution could be found, in pre-litigation, to best favourable conditions in a professional and decisive routine.

car accident in South Africa
Facing challenges with motor car accident issues in South Africa?

RAMLA will be the solution,

demanding compensation, resolving disputes, defending against inflated or unreasonable claims,

in all sectors of vehicle accident damage compensation problems.

car accident in South Africa

car accident in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Damaged accident car in South Africa

Motor car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do, please read more. Motor car accident in South Africa and like to know what to do? Motor car accident in South Africa
Traffic accident lawyers and professional claim managers to analyse, support and pursue your material car accident claim, effective, convenient and very economical as well as affordable, nationwide in South Africa

Repairing the damages motor vehicle is the goal, in all kind of compensation actions and unfortunately most often, stays until up the long end of the compensation process.

A motorist being the victim in a car accident, want the vehicle repaired, spotless and professional, not losing too much value, as unfortunately any accident repair is deemed to cause depreciation.

Matters as good workmanship, new and factory approved repair parts and fair pricing as well as short duration of repairs, is what the client expects in the first place.

car accident in South Africa   Your specialised expert to sort out MVA matters

                  Professional - competent - swift - decisive and affordable

Click for repair related Site Map - A comprehensive overview of relevant Issues

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

  1. Professional car accident repair support

1.1. Quotations serving determine the recovery claim value

1.2. Repair costs need to be proven if matters goes to court

  2. What about one should look on when choosing the repairer

2.1. Repair funds must be available before repairs can start

Must the liable party award car hire costs?

Your panel beater or repair partner should support a dispute

Headlines and Issues on this page
Driving a motor car on public South African roads, the vehicle must be roadworthy to all times.

The car owner will have the responsibility to maintain the motor car and keep it in a roadworthy condition. But even a legitimate car driver, not being the owner; do have some obligations to check out a motor cars technical condition, before hitting the road.

Check your lights, tyres, breaks etc. rather more often, than too less. Insurance companies can take small technical inaccuracies as a reason declining a compensation claim.

RAMLA will be your   one-stop car accident claim service   in South Africa

  Material Damage suffered in a car accident   Be careful when handling your car accident claim   RAMLA car accident claim management enforcing damage compensation   Lucky you when the car accident damage is repaired

Mandate RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action - for successful, convenient and decisive claim enforcement to favourable and affordable fees

Professional car accident repair support is crucial

A motor vehicle involved in a car accident, needs a complete assessment to find out about the damages, in the first place. As car owner certainly do want having a proper and professional damage repair, so the damaged car will be repaired appropriate and to factory standards, with at least certified reproduction parts or factory manufactured once and not with used parts, probably gotten from a scrap yard.

Used parts, as sometimes offered by motor insurance companies for repairs, if considerable at all, should be professionally examined and tested to be functionally and reliable, before fitting it to the vehicle.

A motorist involved in a car accident, but not liable for damages, does not need accepting utilising used parts, even if tested as suggested. Only comprehensive insured, in some instances need accepting such used parts, as to the concluded terms and conditions of the insurance policy. If the policy allow the repairs done with after-market or used parts, it's a contractual obligation and needs to be abided to.

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa
Factory approved workshops will guarantee best workmanship, to factory given repair instructions and time and cost regulations, for specified repair procedures, having the right and appropriate tools and parts and stuff sufficiently trained for the repair job.

Repairs should ensure, that the repaired motor vehicle will be in the state as it had been, before the car accident happened, when collecting the automobile.

The damage examination must be complete and the subsequent drafted repair quotation or damage report, should list all and everything that must be done, to have your damaged car professionally repaired and serving define the quantum of the legal compensation claim.

All vehicle damage repairs should be done to manufacturer's standards. Improper repairs will be detrimental to the cars value and safety, or even making your damaged car un-roadworthy, meaning that it cannot be driven safely, or being allowed in public traffic. A motor vehicle not roadworthy and involved in a traffic accident, may lead to liabilities, even if another caused the impact.

Always keep in mind, that a car participating in public traffic which will not be in roadworthy condition, is a prima face risk to other vehicles on the road. Not roadworthy or badly repaired vehicles, can also be a reason for motor insurance cover, being declined.

Don't compromise with any accident damage repair, just to save some expenses. The risk of subsequent danger is much higher and may by far exceed the savings in repair costs.

RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action

car accident in South Africa

Get a unbiased and intially free reply to your inquiry where you are and what is the way forward - free of charge - just to enhance confidence trusting RAMLA expertise, before you mandate us.

if you want be paid compensation for yor car accident damages or in a need to defend you against unreasonalbe or inflated claims,

Contact us NOW

RAMLA is a specialist in motor accident damage recovery claims. Our team can help you through the process and minimise trouble affecting you in a claim.

Repair quotations must also be utislied in determination the of the value claimed for, in a recovery action

Another important aspect is that one needs a correct claim value, addressing the car accident damage compensation action, if it comes to demand and enforce traffic collision damage compensation.

If your repair quotation will not be complete and fair, meaning just not list the full and complete damage, suffered in this particular car accident, the entire claim is at risk. The damages claimed, should not be inflated and only include what actually been damages in just this very accident.

Inflated or unrealistic damage listing, will most certainly be disputed by the other party and only cause to hamper the possible smooth process in a claim action.

Auto body repair workshops do know, that motorists in need to pursuit a damage compensation action, are sometimes forced to get up to three different quotations, if the other party don't send an own assessor to calculate the damages.

They repairer do know further very well, that only one repair can be done to the damaged vehicle; even if there have been three quotes and only one professional get the job.

As repair quotations are still be expected to be delivered free of charge, and therefore examine the damage properly and draft a proper quotation, it's a challenge for the workshop to do the best they can, as time and knowledge is a significant cost factor for them.

Unlocking the full support of a repair partner, it will be of benefit, if the auto body repairer will know and can be relatively certain, to get the repair job, once the funding is sorted.

Therefore we recommend not going for several quotations from different repairers, rather get one good and professional quotation. If anyone disputes the repair calculation, they may be at liberty and have a professional vehicle assessment done, verifying the damages claimed for.

But it should be kept in mind that some damage assessments may indeed be wrong, lacking professionalism, or being unrealistic or inflated.

A damage assessment performed by an insurance assessor, is even not always correct, or not automatically more correct as a one, done by an experienced auto damage repair expert. Some damage evaluations, especially those in order of motor insurance companies, may have a tendency to "drop down or downscale" extend of damages.

Submit your accident documentation for initial review by RAMLA claim service, and receive comments and recommendations, absolutely free.

What you should look on when choosing your repairer,   to sort out your car accident repair

  Car accidents regularly comes with hassles   RAMLA carefully support you and claim professionally prepared to win your car accident damage claim for compensation.   Legal action will be taken immediately if the claim demands fall on deaf ears   RAMLA car accident claim management files your legal claim and interacts with local attorneys to your success

Mandate RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action - for successful, convenient and decisive claim enforcement to favourable and affordable fees

Repair costs must be proven as reasonable and fair, if matters need to go to a court of law for decision

If matters of compensation end up in a dispute, that cannot be solved in pre-litigation (before it cannot be avoided to approach a court of law) the quantum of damages (financial repair value) must be proven as to be reasonable and fair, for the Judge/Magistrate to rule on such.

It will often be neglected to look on such proof to the right time, as the challenge to prove reasonableness and fair costs only comes to the fore in the late stage of a compensation action in a court of law, whereby the process initiating and pursuing the claim will take even a long period of time. That implies, it will be difficult to proof as requested, if not care has been taken about such crucial evidence at an early stage.

The court will not just accept some repair quotations as the basis to proof reasonable and fair repair costs. It will at least require an invoice including proof of payment, to accept such as basis or factor for a ruling.

Once a vehicle isn't repaired, to the time the judgement is expected and no qualified proof of damages supplied, a severe risk is apparent. A sufficient proof can be a proper assessment report, or a detailed repair quotation, accompanied with detailed photographs of the damages and an expert testimony about the fact, the costs are fair and reasonable.

Your auto body repairer should support a client in that essential part of an accident compensation action, as without a cardinal point of evidence is week.

car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa car accident in South Africa

What about to look on when choosing your repairer.

On route to look for a professional, experienced and quality devoted auto body repairer, but still have a compatible and reasonable repair bill, will be the challenge for those, don't have a long term repair partner to turn to.

Finding the very lowest repair offer, should not be the very first priority, when choosing a qualified auto repairer.

The very first priority should be: full professional car accident repair work and no risk in effective repair costs spent, to be unreasonable or not fair.

Effective repair costs, should not overshooting the quotation and should give support about the reasonable and fair repair costs, if disputes about repair calculations arise.

In need finding someone suitable repairing the car accident damages, one of the essentials will be, the workshop is qualified and well equipped, trained on your make and type of car, to do a proper accident repair job, but still to reasonable and comparable financial conditions, generally accepted in the auto motive repair sector.

Inflated labour costs, or adding older damages, will most certainly trigger disputes. Its highly recommended not taking chances, as it may become a burden instead of a bargain.

When it comes to car accident damage repairs, for which the liable party must compensate, there is little need to compromise, as the liable party or his/her motor insurer, must accept fair repair costs, as long as damage repair will be economically viable, and not exceed the market value the motor car has been worth, in the state before impact, pre-collision value.

Compromises can be made, as long as the safety and roadworthiness of the motor vehicle isn't in jeopardy, if damages for repair must be paid out of your own pocket, or requires substantial own contribution, as to apportioning of damages. It must however be taken into account, that any improper repair will negatively affect and drop down, the actual market value of the vehicle.

Getting the motor vehicle, back on the road and safe to drive, is key. Compromise may be acceptable in optical, spray paint matters, but not in rebuilding the structure of the damaged motor car.

Regularly the repair cost must be funded, before the repairer can start working

Regularly a victim of a car accident must claim for the financial damage compensation, before repair can be authorised. Often such case needs to be demanded and enforced, even sometimes by taking legal actions in a court of law, if no sufficient settlement can be found before, in pre-litigation.

A claim for the compensation of motor car traffic accident damage compensation, isn't always as easy as thought. A number of challenges and requirements must be met, of which a proper quantum (repair costs and probably other consequential damages) is only one of it.

In many cases its can be advisable to make use of professional claim support, offered by the legal profession and even better to make use of specialised motor vehicle damage compensation experts, such as RAMLA (Road Accident Management & Legal Action) in South Africa.

RAMLA offers client tailored service solution, to very acceptable and reasonable fees, capped in costs to just one once off payment, but not limited on actions been taken to get the compensation demanded and paid, regardless if a case is very difficult or even smoothly sorted out.

Should there be a need to claim for compensation, there are several different sections how to deal with a demand, as it may be a claim directed to a 3rd party directly, a claim against a 3rd party represented by a motor insurance company, or a claim against own comprehensive insurance cover.

Following the applicable link above, should give a claimant or a defendant more in lighting of the process and challenges.

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Material Damage suffered in a car accident           Material Damage suffered in a car accident

Will the liable party pay car hire costs?

As according to today's South African law, car hire expenses will only be granted in very few definite circumstances and further not for endless periods of time.

Unfortunately car hire is much restricted in South Africa and to our point of view, unjustified.

If every victim of a South African motor collision, suffered damages and as a result the car isn't drivable at all, should have the right to be compensated for adequate car hire, the Motor Insurance Companies would have to change strategies, from delaying to speeding up a process, which will be welcomed by most, if not all participants in a compensation action.

If all those, deprived of using the damaged motor car, being entitled for car hire, during the process of the claim or repair, the costs for car hire expenses to be compensated by the motor insurance industry, will soar to amounts that may be equal or outweigh the compensation costs of repairs.

Compensation for car hire will be paid for, if the damaged vehicle is used and utilised in business to create income or perform a part of, or in direct relation of the business. That means car hire in South Africa, will be granted for business purposes or for creating income, only.

That however cannot be interpreted, that travel to and from work, will even be a form of creating income, and be regarded as applicable to claim car hire. Coming and going from and to work, is regarded as personal transport and therefore, we say - unfairly - denied.

But even entitled motorists, do have the obligation mitigating consequential losses. Every participant in a claim for motor accident damages does have the obligation, to mitigate consequential costs or damages, i.e. in storage costs of damaged motor cars or car hire etc.

One solution may be, the selected repair workshop give a client the benefit and provide a customer with a courtesy car, for the time period of the accident repair. This will be a big plus, in determination or selection of a repair workshop.

If it however can or must be expected, that the compensation claim may be of longer term, often once matters gets into the state of dispute, or damages are complicated to be repaired or even the motor car is called a write off, it may be advisable buying a cheap car for bridging the time period and secure transport, and selling it with a smaller loss, once matters are sorted.

Car hire costs are expensive, and if taken or rented a car temporarily, without having checked the merits or entitlement for car hire compensation, costs can work out high, very quickly higher as any loss between buy and sell an interim car for use.

Only take a hire car, if the merits and entitlement are checked.

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Submit your accident documentation for initial review by RAMLA claim service, and receive comments and recommendations, absolutely free.

Your panel beater or repair partner should support your car accident claim as expert witnesses!

  Car accidents regularly comes with hassles   To determine liability proper records should be done    Correct and professional damage assessment is the cornerstone to proof or disprove any car accident damage    Take care that your car damage will be properly repaired

Mandate RAMLA - Road Accident Management & Legal Action - for successful, convenient and decisive claim enforcement to favourable and affordable fees

Your panel beater or repair partner should support a customer in disputes about repair costs.

Once motor car accident damages are documented properly and it still comes to a dispute about the costs being reasonable and fair, the repairer should support your car accident claim as technical expert witnesses, if disputes over the amount of damages or repair need can't be resolved, and the estimate may differ from a vehicle damage assessment, the other party has undertaken, or the car accident compensation claim must be pursued in a court of law.

There may well be a need for an expert witness, to underline and prove the technical details and the damage claimed for, in support of a claim action.

Expert witnesses serve to prove disputed facts. They may also be necessary to support a rebuttal of an insurance damage assessment, which leads to a negative or insufficient offer to compensate for the car accident damage.

A sufficient experienced panel beater or other suitable expert craftsmen in the auto repair industry can be an expert witness.

Unfortunately a number of workshop owners or managers, do not like it very much, investing time and effort in such support, as they know about time consuming and ineffective court procedures in South Africa. An alternative can be appointing an independent vehicle damage assessor.

Utilising a qualified damage assessor, in the first place, to quantify the damages is preferable, once a certain damage value or other impacts can be expected, leading to a dispute. Professional motor assessors are better qualified and do have the experience in disputes about damages, so they can be of great help in finding a solution.

If matters eventually need to be heard in a court of law, as no other preferable settlement could be reached in pre-litigation, a motor assessor will be most commonly a better and more prepared expert witness, presenting the matter in a hearing.

Panel beater's and auto body repair workshops do know the vehicle damage assessors, regularly visiting the place to check client damages. They may be perfectly able to recommend a qualified assessor in the area to take care of the matter.

It will therefore be good for a customer, making sure if there will be support from the repair expert, before finally make a decision about the workshop that should do the repair. As mentioned above in car hire, it may even be a criteria if the workshop will be willing and able, support the client with a courtesy car, bridging repair times.

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read more about:   Accident Damage Repair Quotations

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